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L.I. To explore and understand the plot of Twelfth Night


Today we are going to look more closely at the plot of Twelfth Night.

Remember Miss Copley will be hosting a live lesson for this at 11am so check into this to help you!

First, watch the short video using the link below to find the whole story. 



Also read what happens in the play using the transcript below.

Also look at the abridged (this means shortened) acts of Twelfth Night. Thing about the story and the plot. How would this form a story mountain?

Act 1 opening 

Act 2 build up 

Act 3 problem 

Act 4 resolution 

Act 5 ending 


Today you will be creating a playscript of another part of the story. You can pick this part. Remember, it's important to have precise language and parenthesis in a playscript which has pace and flow for consistency for actors. A script is designed to be performed!


Use the resources below to remind you of playscripts.