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Wake and Shake:

Good morning!! I think lots of you are going to know today’s wake and shake!


Just Dance Kids: I Like To Move It

 Phonics: Today’s digraph is ‘or’

Today’s lesson is ‘Lesson 19 or (horn)’:

 After watching the video, maybe you would like to try one of these activities:

Find objects with ‘or’ in from your home (for example corn, or fork). Or a grown up can find the objects, write down the words, then you have to go a treasure hunt to find them, once you have found them read the word and tick it off.


Write sounds on blocks/lego and put them together to make words with ‘or’ in.

Reading ‘or’ words:


Practising segmenting words with digraphs:


BBC bitesize:


*Please note this has changed from the weekly overview*

Today we are going to practise drawing different lines, some of them are zig-zags whilst others are curvier. Before you practise writing them with writing equipment why not have a go at making the shapes with your arms.

These are the lines I would like you to practise today, and there are a couple of ideas of how you may like to do this:

 Literacy: Live TEAMS session at 10.30am

Our learning intention for Literacy today is: To explore rhyming words.

To be successful in today’s learning you will be able to: understand what a rhyming word is, continue a rhyming string and use your listening skills to identify rhyming words.


Your activity today is…’re going on a rhyme hunt!! Can you find objects in your house that rhyme each of these words (for some you may even find more than one object).



Can you find any other objects that rhyme in your home?


Visit phonics play and have a go at ‘Cake Bake’ :


Let’s start our music lesson by warming up our voices, sing along to ‘BINGO’:

Next I would like you to have a go at playing this game (watch the video below), remember 1: 1 clap, 2: 2 claps, 3: clap, tap, clap, then break it down: roll your arms up and go wooooahhhh!! Play this with someone at home and have a try at being the person saying the numbers and the person listening out for them.

Your activity for today is to make your own musical instrument.

Here is a website with some ideas:





Have fun! Sing a song using your instrument afterwards.

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