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Music at Home

How can you help at home?



  •  Chrome Music Lab is a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments and games. - Explore music and art. Great for all ages!

  • Hours of fun and learning here! Incredibox is a music app and website that lets youcreate your own music with the help of a crew of beatboxers. The website version is completely free, it just doesn’t give you access to all the latest versions unlocked with the app. It is also a music game and you can unlock levels and features. Sounds best through headphones or through a speaker!

  • Ten Pieces Tasters (Previously known as Ten Pieces at Home) - simple, fun,

creative activities for primary age children. The activities are easy to follow and do

not require any specialist knowledge or equipment. Each activity is led by an artist or

specialist in their field and offers different ways to get creative with classical music.

  • Bring the Noise is another BBC initiative to help primary school teachers and parents

inspire children to become musicians. Lots of fun resources to explore.

  • Introduces the basics of composition using a sequencer. Clear step by step instructions and explanations.

  • Composer biographies, Musical timeline, videos and resources. Great way to explore the history of music and some amazing composers.

  • Access to specially arranged songs. We use lots of these songs in school. You can

register as a friend to start exploring Sing Up for free

  • Great website that includes lots of educational resources and game
  • Play an instrument you have at home:

There are fantastic tutorials to teach yourself recorder, guitar, ukulele, piano, keyboard.

There are lots on YouTube (see below) plus these websites are great!

  • Great resource for children to learn and play ukulele at home

  • Great if you have instruments at home. Select a song and your instrument and play

along with the band. Tutorials to help learn the instruments too.


If you don’t have an instrument at home and wish to invest, a ukulele or recorder are both great options: • Ukulele - I recommend a Mahalo MK1 ukulele (usually around £20 on Amazon) • Recorder - make sure it’s a soprano or descant recorder with Baroque fingering. I recommend the Yamaha YRS20BB recorder (usually £9 or less on Amazon)

❖ Listen to a Podcast:

  • A series of podcasts aimed at introducing children to the wonderful world of classical

music – and as you’d expect from David Walliams, it’s in a very amusing way!

Recorder Karate - teach yourself to play the recorder

Body percussion - routines to accompany some pop songs

Beatboxing for Kids with Sk Shlomo

 Kidz Bop

❖ Watch a musical or concert – live at home!

❖ Sing & dance to some music

Pick a favorite song and do one of the following:

- Dance /move to the beat

- Sing along (alone or with your family or friends)

❖ Listen to some music & get creative

Try and find a piece you’ve never heard before then:

- Draw a picture that goes with the music.

- Write about how the music makes you feel

- Let your imagination run wild and make up a story inspired by a piece of music

❖ Design and make your own musical instrument

Find some pots and pans or some interesting containers in the recycling and start

making! Ask for your adults permission first!!