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7 Getting on with others

Session 7: Getting on with others

It would be helpful if you could complete this session with an adult or an older sibling who is happy to talk with you and work through the session. If there is no one available to talk with, jot down your responses after you have thought carefully about the questions.


Take a moment to think about the many different types of relationships that you have both in and out of school, for example, you and your teacher, you and your best friend, you and the person behind the til in the supermarket.


Look at the diagram. You are in the middle and those closest to you come next (usually your family). As the circle gets wider, your relationship with those people changes and becomes less friendly and more formal. Can you write examples of people within each circle. 

I wonder where a stranger who walks past you in the street would go.

I wonder where a shop assistant would go.

What about your next door neighbour?


We have relationships with people at different levels. Not everyone is our best friend. We change how politely we speak to different people. This is normal.



Getting on with others


Choose the best response - look through the images