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The school has organised collections of books at School Tuesdays of each week!

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Term 3 Week 4  Monday 25th January 2021

Good Morning Everyone! Let's get ready for another week of learning online with this energetic and loud dance routine from Go Noodle!

We're doing division today and there's new spellings plus live lessons on TEAMS at 11 am and 1pm. In the wider curriculum we're looking at the pharaohs of ancient Egypt and some of the things they did!

Come on! Let's get started! Click the image!






Scroll down to find the maths work for today for your group.

Watch the video to practise and understand the learning. Then have a go at answering the questions that follow the video. 


Year 3 - Divide 2-digits by 1 digit (2)

Watch this before trying the questions.

Year 4- Divide 3-digits by 1-digit

Watch this then answer the questions below.

Mrs Bourdillon's Group :Make equal groups - grouping (recap)

Watch this before trying the questions


Year 3-Suffixes: -less and -ly

This week's words to learn are:

careless, jobless, thoughtless, painless, joyless,

quickly, slowly, roughly ,carefully ,suddenly

Draw a picture for each word to show the meaning of each one. How many can you use in a sentence?

Year 4- the possessive apostrophe with singular and plural nouns

This week's words to learn are:

Dog’s,  dogs’, cow’s, cows’, teacher’s, teachers’ boy’s, boys’, girl’s, girls’

What is the difference between the dog's toys and the dogs' toys?  

Draw a picture for each set of words with apostrophes.

E.g: one dog with its toys and lots of dogs with their toys.

Write sentences showing the difference between the words with the apostrophes.



Read the text with an adult a few times to make sure you understand the ideas and the words.

Make a note of new words and find them in a dictionary. Then answer the questions.

Time for a Brain break with super movers PSHE!



SPAG: Powerful Verbs!

A verb is an action word in a sentence- such as: go, do, run, see, speak.

We use powerful verbs to make our writing more exciting and interesting for our reader. This makes what we write, memorable (easy to remember) and entertaining (makes us feel things or think about things).

Write out these sentences and change the verb for a more exciting one!

Use these verbs to change the sentences:

gobble up, skip, whisper, shout, 

 1. The policeman said loudly " You're all under arrest!"

 2.  The children went across the playground happily.

 3. The huge crocodile ate all the Egyptians in the Nile!

 4. The pharaoh spoke softly to the scarab: " we shall meet again."


HINT:You can use a thesaurus to find alternative words for boring ones. Try out this online thesaurus to find more powerful verbs you could use in these sentences.

Type in gobble up, skip, whisper, shout.  Look at the verb section and copy the words you find.Make a list of 3 alternative words you find for each!


LIVE LEARNING AT 11 am on TEAMS: Pharaohs!



Chapter 19  Journal

Listen to Mr Hazelby read Chapter 19 :Journal and write down 3 powerful verbs you hear.

Discuss with an adult what happened in today's chapter: use these question words to help you understand the chapter :Who, What, Where, Why

L.I: To describe a character's feelings and emotions


Make a list of 5 times when Ryan and Cleo have been together during the story of The Phoenix Code and how they felt about each other. What is their relationship like?

Look back at chapters we have already read to find the situations.

E.G: In chapter two, Ryan and Cleo meet outside the tomb. How do they feel about each other?

Now find 4 more situations from different parts of the story. Do their feelings change? How?




The Teachers share a story!


A chance to talk and connect!



L.I: To Understand the Achievements of the Pharaohs

Click the image to open a presentation with facts about the pharaohs, including a pharaoh's day and some of the most famous pharaohs!

Create a timeline of these pharaoh's achievements to show what you have learned about them!

Why do you think they were important?


Collective Worship

It's nearly the end of day.

Now it’s time for a little quiet, prayer and reflection with our Class worship.

Click the candle.



It's time for a story to finish our day.

Click the image and choose a book to listen to stories from Jacqueline Wilson, Malala Yousafzai and Stanley Tucci and many more!


Well done everyone on a great start to this week's learning! Don't forget there are assignments on TEAMs and to send in work to your teachers so that we can put it up on the website! Have a good evening and get plenty of rest and we'll see you all tomorrow!


The LKS2 Team