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Lesson 1


This is our new book: 'Wonder' by R.J. Palacio. Have you read it before? Perhaps you have seen the film. If you know the story that's fantastic - please make sure that you don't give the ending away for anyone who hasn't read it. I promise you that you will enjoy reading this book and will gain from studying it a second time, even if you know the story.



Read and / or listen to Ordinary then answer the questions.


  1. Based on the chapter and the front cover, what are your first impressions of the book?
  2. What did you like or dislike in 'Ordinary'? Is it a good opening chapter? Why? Ensure you refer to the text in your response.
  3. What questions or puzzles do you have at this stage? Write them down.
  4. What does August mean when he says, "whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse." ?
  5. Have you read any other stories that have a similar opening chapter? Have a really good think about the answer, think about books you have read. 
  6. Can you link the opening chapter with any film you have seen, or stories you have read or heard about which link to this?


Watch the trailer for the film of the book (click the image)

[If you are at school, ask Mrs Paul if you can watch it on her laptop]


Use what you have read so far and the film trailer to respond to the next questions:

 7.  What do you think this story is going to be about?

 8.  What do you think the main messages of the book will be? 

 9.  Are you going to enjoy this book?

Read the next few chapters until the end of How I Came to Life. They are very short chapters.



The author of the book, R.J. Palacio, has included lots of interesting and wise sayings within the pages of the book. You will find at least one in every chapter, sometimes more than one. An example in 'Ordinary' is 

...the only person in the world who realises

how ordinary I am is me (Ordinary )


On a new piece of paper, make a note of this and show where you found it. Now flick back through the chapters you have read and make a note of any wise or interesting sayings. You need to do this every time you read the book so that by the end of the book, you will have pages of them to refer to.


Email me today's work ( , including the sayings that you made a note of. I will begin to make a display out of these.