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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Photos of our learning

Literacy: 16.12.20 Sharing our favourite book! Some children chose to draw a picture of their favourite book, we also had some fabulous videos of children retelling their favourite story to me.

Wrens Class have been doing super work on their phonics at home. These are just a few photos, I have so many more amazing videos and photos too. Well done!!

Week beginning: 14.12.20. Exploring Technology at home to make a Christmas themed picture.

15.12.20: Squares and Rectangles.

We have been busy developing lots of our skills during our home learning this week.

Maths: 11.12.20 Today we have been learning all about the number 5. We found different ways of using smaller numbers to make 5.

Literacy: 10.12.20. Today we wrote our letters to Santa and decorated them.

P.E 9.12.20: We practised balancing objects on different parts of our body.

Literacy: 9.12.20 We planned what we would like for Christmas.

People Who Help us

"I was putting the things on the correct letters. I put the strawberry and sun on the 's', and ant and anchor for 'a'".


Mark making in the shaving foam



"We put our hands in the foam and got all messy. I got my hands all in it and got it on my cardigan. It smelt good and I got it all up my arms too. We had lots of fun."


Building Sandcastles




"Erm….it was like sand, but it wasn't quite sand. I filled up my bucket with it and squashed it down. I turned it over and went bang, bang. It sort of worked. I put a feather on it."