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Term 3 Topic focus:  Frozen Kingdoms - Who lives here?


This term we are linking our science to all things frozen.  We will be studying life on and under the frozen ice caps, what natural resources are available in these areas and how animals and humans who have chosen to make the frozen landscape home stay warm.

Week 2 12.01.2021


This week we will be looking at classification keys when we look at animals. Classification Keys tools are used by scientists to identify living and non-living things. (Click the blue writing to find out more about classification keys).


Use the Classification Key Diagram below to identify the animals in the Unusual Animal Pictures Cards PDF.



Now I would like you to create a classification key to help classify at least six of the animals from the Polar Animal Picture Cards PDF. 

Each question should be a yes or no answer and your first question should be quite general because it needs to help sort the living things you are classifying.


Use these images to help you with your Classification key. 

Week 1 and 2 Classification help