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 For your English today you need to finish your storyboard from yesterday using the resources from yesterdays lesson.

Click HERE to go to yesterday's lesson. 


If you have finished to write a narrative of events so far from Viola’s point of view:

Narrative should cover point based on the following:

  • What has happened to Viola?
  • Where is she now and how does she feel about being here?
  • How does she feel about hiding her true identity and pretending to be a boy?
  • What emotions is she feeling towards the Duke and towards Olivia and why?


An example:

Things are not as we had planned.  I am here on my own in Illysia – I have no idea where my twin brother Sebastian is (or even if he is alive!)  Illysia is a beautiful island surrounded by turquoise seas. Alas,  it is very lonely being somewhere on my own.  I have to be brave but feel so scared and sad.  Oh, how I long to see my brother’s familiar smiling face again and to hear his voice.   I am confused as to why I have been advised to dress as and pretend to be a boy – it simply doesn’t feel right (and the clothes are made from itchy, rough fabric!)  I long to be home again, back in familiar lands, surrounded by familiar faces, wearing my familiar clothes, feeling the soft velvet of my dress against my skin.  The only positive that I can see is that I think I may have found my life’s true love.  Duke Orsino is so handsome and charming – but he thinks I am nothing but a page, a boy, a servant.  To make matters worse Countess Olivia has declared her love for me – oh, how I wish I could be myself again.