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Tuesday 9th February 2021

Good Morning Everyone! Welcome to Tuesday! We continue today with subtracting money and looking at the area of a shape. There's also counting the sides of shapes! We're getting emotional with adjectives and describing important events in English and we'll be thinking about who we trust in RE! To get us off to a good start, let's wake up and shake up with Under the Sea! Click the image to start the music and get dancing!



Find your group’s work below. Print it out or use a pen and paper to answer.

YEAR 3 - Subtract money

Watch the presentation before you answer the questions.

YEAR 4 - Counting squares

Watch the presentation before you answer the questions.

Mrs Bourdillon's Group- Count sides on 2D shapes

Watch the presentation before answering the questions



Can you think of a good way to help you remember how to spell the words using the pyramid, rainbow or shape method?


YEAR 3 : This week's Spellings are:

actually, caught, complete, group, height, library, perhaps, separate, strength, weight


Can you think of a good way to help you remember how to spell the words using the pyramid, rainbow or shape method?


YEAR 4 : This week's Spellings are:

accidentally, calendar, experiment, knowledge, material, occasion, pressure, question, sentence, therefore

Reading Skills

Today’s reading extract is all from a story about Agnes. Read it aloud to an adult, read it aloud to yourself and then read it in your head. 


Now answer these questions. Look back through the text to help you find the answers!

Now let's take a brain break with super movers' adverbs and adjectives ! How many can you remember and recite? Get ready to move!


We all feel differently about different things and so do characters like Ryan and Cleo!

Instead of just using the same old feelings like happy, sad, scared, surprised or worried, try using some of these in your sentences to describe how you or your characters feel:



Write some sentences about what makes you happy, sad, scared or surprised or a time when you felt these emotions but don't use happy, sad, scared or surprised in your work! Use the words from the lists to really show how you felt!


Look at this picture of Howard Carter opening King Tutankhamun's tomb. What do you think they were feeling and why?


The Phoenix Code by Helen Moss.

Listen to chapters 36 and 37 of the Phoenix code. What important things happen? Discuss with an adult.



L.I: To describe important events that have taken place

What were the most exciting parts of the story in the Phoenix code for you? Think of at least 4 events or more. What order did they happen in? Write out the events you thought were exciting moments or important to the story in a list in order.

Describe one of the events in a paragraph. Can you use emotional adjectives to describe how the reader feels when they read this part of the story? Or can you describe how Cleo and Ryan felt?




Trust or faith is what believers of all religions think is important when following God. Today we're going to look at who we trust and why and also think about Abraham's story again and how he was able to follow God. Lastly, we're going to write about what we think ourselves about what it is like to follow God. You could write sentences or record these ideas as a poster to show what you have learned from Abraham's story and your own ideas!



Now ,near the end of our day, let's take some time to reflect quietly and deeply in our worship by clicking the candle and thinking about the readings and questions in our worship presentation today.





Congratulations on completing Tuesday's work! Don't forget to send in any work you have done through TEAMS OR E-MAIL so we can share the wonderful learning you've done! See you all again tomorrow!