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Friday 22nd January 2021

We have made it to the end of the week, give yourselves a round of applause. There are no live lessons today but there is a pre-recorded one from Mrs Bourdillon and a story from Mrs Irvine on Teams, head over and have a look!

Let’s start the day with some movement; Click the image and get celebrating Friday!


Celebrate - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle


Its Friday and that means one thing – Arithmetic test!  Have a look below for your groups work.  Don’t forget they are also on Teams if you want to do it online.  Give it a go and you will get feedback about how to improve next time, it’s the best way to learn!

Year 3:  

Year 4:

Mrs Bourdillon’s Group :

When you have done your test, head over to TT Rockstars and work your way to times table stardom!   Challenge your friends and see who is the biggest star!



Here are your words for this week:

chef sure machine moustache parachute brochure

mission discussion pressure tissue

Can you ask someone in your home to read out the words and give you a test on writing out the words?




Here are your words for this week:

Mixture, moisture, adventure, nature, capture, picture, feature, vulture, nurture, future

Can you ask someone in your home to read out the words and give you a test on writing out the words?

SPAG: Sorting words alphabetically

Mrs Bourdillon has recorded a lesson for you for this, check it out on Teams:


Can you sort these word alphabetically?



A)          Put each line of words into alphabetical order. Look at the first letter.

1. dog   you   bean   animal   lion

2. just   grab   kneel   cat   east

3. hay   out   island   queen   farm

B) Look at the second letter of each word when arranging them alphabetically.

1. plank    press    panic    punch    perch

2. clever    crisp    centre    candle    cheat

3. grape    geese    guilty    garden    goose

C)           Look at the third letter this time.

1. decide    demand    deadly    defeat    debt

2. harmful    habit    has    hatch    hamster

3. prune    prepare    produce    price    prank



Reading Skills

Read the following text a few times to an adult then answer the questions that follow it.

Now let’s have a brain break and work on our times tables!


LI To use technical vocabulary

The Phoenix Code by Helen Moss

Today we’re listening to chapter 18 of the Phoenix code told by Mrs Irvine

Following on from yesterdays task, today you need to edit, improve and finalise your fact sheet.  Think about capital letters, full stops and paragraphs.  If you are doing it on Word, it very helpfully tells you if it thinks you have done something wrong – don’t ignore it!  A red squiggle underneath a word means it is possible spelled incorrectly and a blue one means there may be a grammar mistake.  Use the tools you have.  If you are doing it on paper, you can attach a picture to the assignment on Teams to complete it.  Don’t forget to use some of the key features of a non-fiction text: heading, drawing/illustration, labels, subheading, facts, bullet points, questions and answers.

Wider Curriculum: Science

LI To understand the 5 classifications of vertebrates.


Following on from our live lesson yesterday (watch the playback here

 if you missed it)  can you create a flow diagram to help classify vertebrates?  This is a set of yes or no questions that will arrive at the correct type of vertebrate at the end. 

Here is an example of a flow diagram for insects to give you an idea how it works.


What do you think might be the first question?  Would it be about whether their blood is warm or maybe do they lay eggs?

Once you have done it, think of an animal and follow your chart – does it work?


Nearly the end of day. Now it’s time for a little quiet, prayer and reflection with our Class worship. Click the candle.


Time for a story to finish our day. Click the image and choose one to read.


Congratulations and well done on getting to the end of the week! We hope you have had an amazing week, well done everyone!

Don’t forget to send your work to the class e-mail address where your teacher will be able to put it on the hub page!

Mr Hazelby  Mrs Bourdillon  Mrs Irvine