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TUESDAY 23rd February 2021

Happy Tuesday every one! We start a new RE topic on Salvation today and there's some revision of subordinate clauses and pictograms!

First, let's get moving with the Moose!



Can you think of a good way to help you remember how to spell the words using the pyramid, rainbow or shape method? Look at your weekly spellings below and create a spelling poster using the different methods!





YEAR 3 : These are your spellings for this week!

automatic autopilot autobiography autograph auto-focus

superman supernatural superstar superficial supermodel



YEAR 4 : These are your spellings for this week!

international intergalactic interrupt intercept interject

antibiotic antidote antihistamine antihero

Reading Skills

Re-read the following text a few times to an adult then answer the questions that follow it.

SPAG : Subordinate clauses

Subordinate clauses add extra information to our descriptions of people, places and things. Let's look at an example:

Bilbo is a hobbit who doesn't want to go on adventures because  he's too comfortable in his lovely hobbit hole!

The subordinate clause comes after who with all the extra information about Bilbo.


Read the following sentences.The subordinate clauses are in GREEN


Gandalf was a wizard who thought Bilbo should go on an adventure.

Thorin was a dwarf who had been a king of the Lonely Mountain.


Discuss with an adult:

What do they tell us about how these characters think? How they might react to situations? Which characters do you think are brave? Friendly? Serious? Disappointed? How do the subordinate clauses tell us this?


Now write 3-4 sentences about yourself and family using who.

Here are some sentences to get you started. 

My brother is a person who is always...

My family are people who are sometimes ...

My teacher is a person who is never ...

Extend your sentences using because  or  if to give an explanation 



L.I: To Describe a character's emotions and feelings

Listen to the next part of the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. Listen to the descriptions of the characters. What adjectives do you hear?


Yesterday, we looked at Bilbo's character and made a role on the wall diagram to show what we know from the story so far about his character. Today, we are going to focus on Gandalf or one of the dwarves. Which one do you think will be easier to write about?

Make a role on the wall for either Gandalf or one of the dwarves. Remember to put what they look like on the outside of the figure you have drawn and how they  feel and act on the inside of the figure. Use colours and keep this to help with your writing on Friday. Use the stories so far to help you add the information.



Now let's take a brain break with our English super movers on relative clauses! Click the image to start!

Year 3 - Draw pictograms

Watch the presentation before you answer the questions


Year 4 - What is a fraction?

Watch the video before trying the questions below.

YEAR 4 Math Questions


Don't forget there are more questions over on the Maths page, if you have finished these.  Click here to find them.

Mrs Bourdillon's Group - Lines of symmetry - draw the whole

Watch the presentation before you answer the questions

Mrs Bourdillon's Group Math Questions






The Big Frieze


The big frieze tells the whole story of the Bible.  What can you see?  Use the questions below to tell an adult.

Look carefully at the Salvation panel, what can you see?

Can you see paint pots? A bridge? A cross? A mysterious cloud? Words?

Why are there colourful paint pots? Why are the buildings grey and colourless?

Why is there a cross connecting the paint pots to the grey city? Why is there a swirl of white mist/smoke going through the cross to the paint pots? Some of the words on the paint pots are LOVE, PEACE, HOPE, FREEDOM. What do they mean? How might they be connected to the white cross?What do the words WORSHIP IDOLS mean in the frieze? Would you like to live in this city? Why/Why not?


Design your own!

Can you design your own panel for Salvation?  Remember it is not about the stories Jesus told, that comes later, but more about his journey to the cross.  You can include any of the features from the original, but try not to just copy it, include some of your own ideas.


Now it’s time for a little quiet, prayer and reflection with our Class worship. Click the candle.

Now at the end of the day, we can relax and listen to one of the stories on the Free Children Stories site by clicking the image!

Well done on a fantastic day's learning! Time for a well-earned rest! Don't forget to send in work to your teacher via TEAMS!

Have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow!

The LKS2 Team