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Thursday 28th January 2021

Welcome to Thursday! It's word search day!  Also there's a recap on subordinate clauses to help with your Phoenix Code writing and there's PE with a choice of activities, including PE with Joe Wicks!

First, let's start the day by saying "Hello" in different ways and dance ourselves awake! Ready? Click the image and find a space to move!





Scroll down to find the maths work for today for your group.

Watch the video to practise and understand the learning. Then have a go at answering the questions that follow the video. 


Year 3 - How many ways?

Watch the video first and then try the questions!.

Year 4 - Measure perimeter

Use the video and watch to help answer today's questions.

Mrs Bourdillon's Group- Odd and Even

Watch the video first to see today's learning then answer the questions.


Year 3-Suffixes: -less and -ly

This week's words to learn are:

careless, jobless, thoughtless, painless, joyless,

quickly, slowly, roughly ,carefully ,suddenly

 Find them in the word search and then write them in sentences of your own!


Year 4- the possessive apostrophe with singular and plural nouns

This week's words to learn are:

Dog’s,  dogs’, cow’s, cows’, teacher’s, teachers’ boy’s, boys’, girl’s, girls’   

Find these and some extra challenge words in the word search. Write sentences with apostrophes to show the difference between them! Try some sentences with the challenge words!

The extra challenge words are: children, people, elephants, electricians and egyptians!



Read the text with an adult and answer the questions below.

Use the text to help you.

Now let's have a brain break with super movers French!





SPAG: Subordinate Clauses

Click the image and scroll down to practise subordinate conjunctions!


Listen to Chapter 23 of the Phoenix Code by Helen Moss. What exciting things happen in this chapter-Ankh?


L.I: To describe clearly what has happened

Use subordinate clauses to add as much detail as you can about what has happened in Ryan and Cleo's relationship so far. Include how it has grown and changed over the course of the chapters. Aim to write 2 paragraphs. Have you used capital letters and full stops? Have you used different types of subordinate clauses?


It's Joe with another 20 minute workout! Choose one from the list. Watch and have a go! Remember to follow Joe's warm up and take a break when it gets tough! Drink plenty of water after exercising! Record your PE in photos or a video for the class pages!




PE EXTRA: To explore direct and flexible pathways!

Build an obstacle course using objects from around the house to challenge you to move in different ways! Use chairs, blankets, string, cardboard...whatever you can find!



Crawl, roll, jump, balance and climb! How many different ways can you find to move around your obstacle course or your house!


Can you invent a pathway where you can move from one room to another without touching the floor?


Make sure you have an adult to help you set up and be on hand if things get tricky!

Collective Worship

It's nearly the end of day.

Now it’s time for a little quiet, prayer and reflection with our Class worship.

Click the candle.


It's time for a story to finish our day.

Click the image and choose a book to listen to stories from Jacqueline Wilson, Malala Yousafzai and Stanley Tucci and many more!

That's Thursday! Don't forget there are assignments on TEAMs and to send in today's work to your teachers so that we can put it up on the website! Have a restful evening and we'll see you all for Friday!


The LKS2 Team