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Read the Power Point and take bullet-point notes for each slide

Use the Evacuation in WW2 Power Point to help you with this task. 

Over the next three days,  will be writing diary entries about your experience as a WW2 evacuee. These diary entries will enable you to show me what you understand about why children were evacuated (and why some families chose not to) and to share your understanding of the different experiences of evacuation that children had. Use the plan below to structure the 3 days’ entries you will make.


You may find it useful to listen to Miss Flisher reading Goodnight Mr Tom for one author's perspective on evacuation.

You could also draw from the experience of Davey and Tucky in Friend or Foe

Scroll down to find first-hand accounts of evacuation



1.  Read the Power Point and take notes. Make sure you understand what you are reading: ask for help if unsure.

     Read the first-hand accounts (scroll down the page)

2. Start to plan your diary entries. Write notes about your surroundings, feelings and events for each entry.

    You must use historic facts (in addition to stories) to inform your plan and writing.

3. Write your diary entries. Apply the grammar skills posted in the Blog and use writing mats to support your writing.




Describe your surroundings


Events that happened on this day.

1stSeptember 1939


Being put onto a train.




2nd September 1939


Meeting host family for the first time.

Do they welcome you or are they reluctant hosts?




10thSeptember 1939


Being with your new family for a week. How has your daily life changed? What new experiences?




Sources of information: accounts of evacuation