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Lesson 5: Holocaust

Use the resources that I have provided for you here to help you to research. This is one lesson's work - you don't need to spend more than one lesson on this. It would be helpful to ask an adult to work with you as you read through the resources that I have provided for you here.

Big questions

  • What was life like under the Nazis?
  • What was the ‘Aryan Race’ that Hitler wanted?
  • Why did the Nazis hate the Jews?
  • How did the Nazis treat the Jewish people?
  • What were concentration camps?
  • Who was Anne Frank?

Resources and websites



Can you find the definition of the following words? Use a the repsurces that we have provided to find the meaning.


Juden -

Anti-Semitism -

Nuremburg Laws -

Empathy -

Kristallnacht -

Propaganda -





  1. Create a timeline of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany.

Check the Power Point presentations and information sheets.

  1. Character profile: Who was Anne Frank and why is she so important?
  1. Newspaper article: create a newspaper article about the Holocaust.
  1. Information poster: create an information poster about the Holocaust.
  1. Research project: investigate the life of a survivor, for example, Judith Kerr (who wrote When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit) or Vera Löwyová


  1. Debate: The picture on the right shows Jewish children just before they are told they can no longer go to the same school as other ‘German’ children.

Do you think children should be separated because they have different beliefs? What problems could arise if people only met others who had the same beliefs?

Write what you think, explaining your reasons in full sentences.