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Ryan has had a busy last week of home school learning doing lots of different activities! Well done Ryan!

Ryan has been very busy with his learning at home: practising his tables, watching caterpillars grow and writing about them, cooking pizzas and brownies. Wow Ryan you have been busy and look at your fantastic writing!

Melisa has been thinking about the global effects on animals.

Atanas has been working hard at home on his Maths

Melisa has been a superstar with her Maths and has created her own food webs.

Ryan has been busy designing a different book title, writing facts about giraffes, explaining differences between 2 animals, maths work and reading. Well done Ryan keep it up!

Melisa wrote a good book review about Giraffes Can't Dance. She explained why she liked the book.

Here is a selection of work that Arham has been busy completing. Well done Arham - keep up the great work!

Happy birthday to Melisa today! Melisa has been busy reading and practising her maths work! Well done!

Atanas has been working hard at home. Well done Atanas!

Zeineb had been working hard on her maths and has written about herself dancing like a giraffe.

Luke had a great day at Port Lyme zoo on Monday and then went to the beach. What a lovely day out!

Melisa has been working on her measuring skills and then wrote about our new book Giraffes Can't Dance. She has also compared 2 animals.

Atanas has been working hard with his maths number bonds to 100 and correct punctuation in sentences. Well done Atanas!

Ryan has enjoyed last weeks activities on the blog. He has created his own zoo cafe and map and found out where zoo animals live naturally around the world as well as reading, spelling practice and doing some of his own learning. Well done Ryan - keep it up!

Luke has made his own cage and has imagined himself as an animal inside the cage! What a cheeky Luke! He has also been doing some great writing, maths and ceramic painting. Wow Luke you have had a fun week!

Melisa has created a great menu and is working hard on her maths activities.

Luke has been busy labeling the world map with where animals come from and he has been camping with his family in the garden. Looks like fun Luke!

Melisa has done some thoughtful writing about reasons for and against animals living in zoos. Good points Melisa!

Zeineb has been working on her Maths. Well done Zeineb!

Melisa has sent in a lovely painted heart and has been working hard on her maths! She has also imagined herself as a bird kept in a cage at the zoo. Well done Melisa!

Luke has been designing and making his own zoo as well as practising time work. Well done Luke! It looks like you are having fun with your learning!

Natalia has been busy at home doing her activity books and designing some of her own art! Well done Natalia! Keep it up!

Well done to Ryan for winning the school Kahoot quiz last week. The Kahoot quiz is questions linked to our school and last week it was about interesting facts about teachers! Look out for it next week! It comes out on Friday morning and needs to be completed by 3pm.

Melisa has worked hard on sorting things into living and non living and then written some jokes. Well done Melisa!

Ryan has been very busy making a giraffe mask, writing about the Mr Men books he is reading, practising his spellings, painting pebbles and doing his activity books! Wow Ryan - well done and it is lovely to see your happy smiley face!

Luke has had a busy day at home school today with a visit to the zoo, practising his work on time with clocks,doing his number bonds to 100, looking at birds in the garden and practising his spellings. Wow busy day Luke! Well done!

Today Melisa has written about a trip out with her family. Great writing Melisa! Atanas has been working hard with his maths. Well done Atanas!

Luke has created a lovely giraffe from different 2D shapes and then made a great zebra mask! Well done Luke!

Melisa has working on her work books and has been working on making 2 digit numbers using the part, part whole method and she has made a fantastic tiger mask! She also made some animals using 2D shapes and painted some lovely pictures.

Zeineb has been working on part, part whole method to make 2 digit numbers and has written about going to the zoo and what she saw. Sounds like you saw lots of lovely animals!

Term 6 home/learning - Natalia has been learning to tell the time with her new clock and working hard on her activity books. Well done Natalia! You superstar!

Arham is working hard with his workbooks at home! Well done Arham - keep it up!

Zeineb has been working on her time, maths work after celebrating Eid with her family.

Melisa has worked really hard on her time problems.

Mrs Bourdillon's and her son's art work from the online art lesson yesterday afternoon! What do you think or our drawing?

Melisa has worked on her days of the week and doing her exercises. I wonder how many push ups, catches and star jumps she did in a minute?

Luke has had another busy day researching where gorillas come from as well finding rainbows in the spray as he fills up his paddling pool!

Melisa has worked hard on writing out her daily timetable with times on the clocks and she wrote a letter to say thank you to the gorilla for her adventure - what a thoughtful letter!