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This week's maths will start by taking a small step backward as we really try to make sure that we are all as confident as we can be with equivalent fractions and fractions greater than 1 before we move forward with new learning!


The first lesson today will be on equivalent fractions and will use some slightly different resources to normal to tackle the topic from a new angle.


If you'd like a helpful video to remind you of equivalent fractions then watch below. After that, choose either bronze, or silver/gold. Be careful to read the instructions for bronze! 






Bronze Fluency

Equivalent fractions

Bronze instructions: Shade in the circles to create equivalent fractions (fractions that show the same amount as eachother). Next, write the fractions below ALL the circles. Secondly, redraw these as bar models for greater practice and then lastly can you add in one more equivalent fraction possibility into each sequence? E.g. The first sequence goes: 1/2 = 3/6 = 4/8 = ? (you could have 5/10, 10/20, 50/100 etc..)

Silver/gold fluency (see instructions for bronze above and repeat but for more challenging questions)

Reasoning - complete once you have finished fluency and checked your answers.