We look forward to welcoming our KS1 parents to our nativity plays on Wednesday 8th December @ 9:15am & Thursday 9th December @ 2pm... Why not visit our Facebook Page!

Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Julia Donaldson

Tabby McTat - Read by Alan Mandel

Tabby McTat is purr-fectly happy, singing along all day with Fred the busker. But when Fred gives chase to a thief, the two are separated. Will they ever fin...

Stick Man

The world is a dangerous place for Stick Man. Will he ever find his way home? Music: Tiny People Musician: Alexei De Bronhe URL:


Zog is the keenest dragon in school and the most accident prone! Will he ever win a Golden Star? Music: Dear Autumn Musician: @iksonofficial

The Scarecrows' Wedding

Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay invite you to the best wedding ever, the best wedding yet, the wedding that no one will ever forget. But will wicked Scarecrow...


Meet the wriggliest, squiggliest superhero in the world! Such a fun read-aloud, your kids will love!