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LI – To use similes and metaphors to describe


 LIVE English lesson - 11pm with Miss Flisher via TEAMS


Watch the video below.

Similes and Metaphors

Revisit you timelines from Monday and Tuesday (if they need finishing do it now) and begin adding similes and metaphors from the ship perspective at each point. This will help you when writing your monologue tomorrow. 


You could have something like:

  • ‘the drunken men were thrown off my deck in Buenos Aires like discarded rubbish’,
  • ‘the ice is pressing into my hull like a giant clamp mercilessly testing my strength’,
  • ‘Shackleton barked the orders as loud as all the dogs combined and the scurrying footsteps near my jib-boom told me his men were obeying as fast as they could’
  • ‘As we started to sail through the pack ice I wondered what I was doing here, I am a speck in a huge frozen and perilous maze’


Give it a go. If you need any help rewatch the videos on similes and metaphors, or share some questions on TEAMS.