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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Happy Monday!


Hello all! It's the last week of home learning! This time next will be in school with everyone which will be so exciting! Remember we have live lessons, Maths will be at 9:30am whilst English will be at 11am. Join us for these lessons to help you with the work. 

Find today's work below and we look forward to seeing you at 9:30am for Maths!


Morning wake up - 15 minutes

Get the day started with either Joe Wicks Live lesson or a nice Daily mile with your family. Check out the daily mile challenges by clicking the image. 



 LIVE Lesson - Mr B - Maths - 9:30am


Maths - 50 minutes

We are continuing our fractions week, starting with a quick recap on equivalent fractions. There are 3 levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, so choose the one level that suits your level of understanding! Make sure you stick to 50 minutes of work and then have a break before English. This is for everyone's mental wellbeing! Find the work by clicking on the image below!


Bronze - Equivalent Fractions

Silver - Equivalent Fractions

Gold - Equivalent Fractions




Spelling - 15 minutes

Find this week's spellings by clicking the image below. We are looking at the 'ough' sound in words this week! Use the resources on the page and pick bronze, silver or gold. Make sure you are doing the daily activities. 



  LIVE Lesson - Miss Copley - English - 11:00am


English - 50 minutes

Today we are continuing our work on Twelfth night but this week we are looking at playscripts. Hopefully, we will have a playscript by the end of the week. Look at the task by clicking the link below and make sure you listen to Miss Copley in the live lesson at 11:00am. 



Reading For Pleasure

Miss Flisher is reading a new book this term called 'I know what you did last Wednesday'. You can listen to it by clicking the book cover below!


Reading Skills - 30 minutes

We are going to continue to read 'Bill's New Frock' this week. Find the first activity of the week by clicking the link below!

Reading Skills


RE - 50 minutes

We continuing our Salvation topic and answering our Big Question: What difference does the resurrection make for Christians? Click the link below to go to the page. 



  LIVE Lesson - Mrs Martin and Mrs Ingram - Nurture Group - 2:30pm