Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

Home Page

Who's Who

Executive Headteacher

Mr Fisher

Head of School

Mrs Magner

Assistant Head

Mrs Evans


Mrs Ewan



Wrens (Year R)

Mrs Eades (Foundation Stage Leader)

Jays (Year R)

Miss Sutherland

Swifts (Year 1)

Mrs Jewell

Swallows (Year 1/2)

Mrs Bourdillon (KS1 Hub Leader)

Chaffinches (Year 2)

Mr Hazelby

Woodpeckers (Year 3)

Miss Paul

Kingfishers (Year 3/4)

Mrs Bone (Lower KS2 Hub Leader)/

Mrs Hallihan 

Nightingales (Year 4)

Mrs Irvine

Redwings (Year 5)

Miss Flisher

Herons (Year 5/6)

Mr Newman (Upper KS2 Hub Leader)


Goldfinches (Year 6)

Mrs Evans (Assistant Head)



 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Almeida

Mrs Finn

Mrs Parajuli

Mrs Barnes

Mr Lacy

Miss Salisbury

Mrs Cleall

Mrs Makepeace

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Cole

Miss Niblett-West

Mr Webster


 Pastoral & Wellbeing Manager Mrs Gooding

 School Business Manager Mrs Morgan

 Finance Officer Mrs Janman

 School Secretary Mrs Freed

 Site Manager Mr Parker


 Midday Supervisors

 Mrs Chalmers-Stevens

 Mrs Kinch

 Mrs Meadows

 Mrs Suddes

Please note we have a 2 week holiday in October so school is closed from Monday 14th October to Friday 25th October. Children return to school on Monday 28th October 2019. Parent Consultations on Monday 4th November 1.00pm to 6.00pm in the school hall