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L.I. To research an artist and recreate a simple piece of art in the Pop Art style.


Today we are looking at a Pop Artist called Andy Warhol. Watch the video below to learn more about him and the Pop Art Movement. 

Pop Art & Andy Warhol for Kids

Warhol used a combination of famous images from everyday objects: Cola can, Soup tin, to people (Elvis, Marylin Monroe) and created screen print images, which were then given a bold and vibrant background to make them “pop”. 


Task 1:

Google search famous image by Warhol and create a digital poster using Microsoft Word or Publisher. This will allow you to see and explore his artwork and get a feel for it. 



Task 2:

You are going to create your own simple Pop Art piece. Watch the video below and then follow the instructions underneath.

Elementary Art Project - Andy Warhol Hands

Create a fast and effective Warhol style Pop Art image following the steps in the video.

  • Fold paper into equal 4 sections
  • Trace round hand in each section
  • Paint (or colour) each hand in a single colour
  • Paint (or colour) each background in a single contrasting colour
  • Paint hand a dark colour (Black / blue / purple)
  • Print hand on top of drawn hand


(If you do not have paint you don't have to do the hand print part!)