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Good Morning Wrens and Jays! 

Today we are going to start off with a Wake and Shake dance to the song Roar! by Noodle TV! 


Roar! | Noodle Televison


Today in phonics we are going to continue with learning double letters, following on from your letters and sounds lesson yesterday- have a look at the lesson for today... (Lesson 24- Double letters) 


Once you have completed the letters and sounds activity could you go on a double letters hunt? Have a look through some of your favourite books and see if you can spot any words with a double letter in them. I wonder if you could make a list? 


Today for our maths lesson we are going to continue learning about pairs. 

Our learning objective for today is to explore that a pair means two! In order to be successful today you will be able to put objects into pairs, explain why they are in pairs and use mathematical reasoning to describe why a pair means two! 


Your task for today is to go on a natural objects pair hunt. Take a shopping basket outside and collect a range of natural objects! Can you put them into pairs? Why did you choose to pair them in the way that you did? 

Have a look at my shopping basket- I wonder if you can tell me why I can't make pairs with all of my objects? 



maths input

Maths task



Today for your handwriting lesson you are going to be learning to write the tricky word 'we'. As we have done over the past few days can you... first, have a go at writing the word 'we' remembering your best handwriting. Next, can you try to write the word 'we' in a sentence? After, see if you can create your own look, cover, write check sheet for the tricky words we have learnt so far! Have a look at the example below. 





A couple of weeks ago, you made some musical instruments. These might come in handy today!

 If you do not have them, you could either, find an object at home that creates a musical sound, make another musical instrument or use body percussion (clapping, stomping). 

Have a listen to this Dinosaur Song! I wonder what instruments go well with the big, heavy dinosaurs? What does a small dinosaur sound like? I wonder, how could you change the way you play your instrument to suit each type of dinosaur? Maybe you want to explore pitch by looking at loud and soft or perhaps you will look at tempo- how fast and slow you play.



10 Little Dinosaurs | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs