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Wednesday 27th January 2021


Welcome to Wednesday! Today you'll be drawing yourself as an Egyptian pharaoh, learning to add detail to your writing by using super cool subordinate clauses and all about length and scaling in maths!

Come on! Let's get started! Click the image and let's wake and shake!


Scroll down to find the maths work for today for your group.

Watch the video to practise and understand the learning. Then have a go at answering the questions that follow the video. 

Year 3- Scaling

Watch this video for the learning before trying the questions

Year 4- Add lengths

Watch the video for the learning before trying the questions.

Mrs Bourdillon's Group - Divide by 2

Watch this video for the learning before trying the questions.


Year 3-Suffixes: -less and -ly

This week's words to learn are:

careless, jobless, thoughtless, painless, joyless,

quickly, slowly, roughly ,carefully ,suddenly


Unscramble the letters to find the adjective or adverb. The first letter has been given to start you off.


G o t h s l u t h e s       T _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

N e d u l d y s               S _ _ _ _ _ _ _

H o g y r u l                   R _ _ _ _ _ _ 

F A R L U C L E Y         C_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Year 4- the possessive apostrophe with singular and plural nouns

This week's words to learn are:

Dog’s,  dogs’, cow’s, cows’, teacher’s, teachers’ boy’s, boys’, girl’s, girls’

Unscramble the letters to find the noun. Write the noun out twice then put in the apostrophe for singular and the plural.  What is the difference? The first letter has been given to start you off.


L I G S  R  '                G _ _ _ _ 

R A S T H E E C  '     T _ _ _ _ _ _ _

O W C S '                   C _ _ _


Write a sentence using an apostrophe correctly for the following words: people, children, elephants



Reading Skills

Read the text with an adult a few times to make sure you understand the ideas and the words.

Make a note of new words and find them in a dictionary. Then answer the questions.

Time for a Brain break with super movers PSHE!



SPAG: Subordinate clauses!


LIVE LEARNING AT 11 am on TEAMS: Subordinate Clauses!



Chapter 21 Scorpion and Chapter 22 Stars

Listen to Mr Hazelby read Chapters 21 and 22. Write down 3 powerful verbs or adjectives you hear.

Discuss with an adult what happened in today's chapters: use these question words to help you understand the chapter :Who, What, Where, Why



L.I: To Use Subordinate Clauses

Write about the activities that Ryan and Cleo have done together in the book so far. Add detail by using subordinate clauses! Look at the examples to help you; the main clause is in blue and the subordinate clause in gold!


Ryan and Cleo became a real team because Ryan helped pull her up after she fell down the pit  in the tomb.

Cleo and Ryan went back to the tomb at sunrise, telling no one where they were going.

The museum, where Cleo and Ryan were given the papyri about Rahotep, was on the other side of the river Nile.


Now write 5 sentences of your own about Ryan and Cleo.




The Teachers share a story!


A chance to talk and connect!


Draw yourself as a Pharaoh!

Take a photo of your face and head in profile or draw yourself using a mirror!

Find out about the Egyptian head dresses the pharaohs used and decide which one you want to wear in your portrait.


These portraits have been drawn and painted on rough parcel paper to make the portrait look ancient!


You could use a wet teabag to rub on white paper first! Notice that the artists have added a royal cartouche which shows their name in heiroglyphs to complete the portrait. To remind us of how to draw cartouches, watch the video from a previous lesson below.




How to Draw A Cartouche!



It's nearly the end of day.

Now it’s time for a little quiet, prayer and reflection with our Class worship.

Click the candle.





It's time for a story to finish our day.

Click the image and choose a book to listen to stories from Jacqueline Wilson, Malala Yousafzai and Stanley Tucci and many more!

Congratulations on finishing Wednesday's learning! Don't forget there are assignments on TEAMs and to send in work to your teachers via TEAMs or e-mail so that we can put it up on the website! Have a good evening and we'll see you all tomorrow for Thursday!


The LKS2 Team