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Lesson 2

LI: Create a 3-D form using malleable materials in the style of a significant artist, architect or designer.


Watch the video about Inuit Soapstone Sculpture (link at the bottom of the page)


describe the sculptures include the style and observable features


Search online to find and print images of Inuit animal carvings, or use the resource sheet attached.

Make small drawings of the carvings in your sketchbooks or on paper. Your sketches to help you to create an Inuit-inspired animal sculpture, using the technique of carving.


Watch the video #MetKids – How to make a soap carving (Link at the bottom of the page) to demonstrate how to create animal figurines.

Use the Animal carving templates as a starting point for their designs if they require some help.

You can use clay, soap, playdough or plasticine to carve your animal.

After making their sculptures, take time to discuss some of the challenges the technique of carving presents.


Practical resources

  • Computer or tablets for research
  • Sketchbooks or paper for recording ideas
  • Blocks of soft soap / clay / playdough / salt dough.
  • Clay tools – or a plastic knife and a paper clip

Inuit Soapstone Sculpture - YouTube


#MetKids—How to Make a Soap Carving - YouTube