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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Good Morning and a Happy Tuesday! Today we are going to begin again with a ‘super movers’ dance. Today we are going to move to ‘Being happy and safe!'


Now, for our phonics today we are going to continue to focus on diagraphs. Our sound for today is ‘ow’ as in ‘cow’. Here is the letters and sounds video for you to follow.

Lesson 22:

After, have a look at this silly song and see if you can sing along! I wonder if you can spot the ‘ow’ words. ‘How, now, brown cow’.


Today in Literacy we are going to put together all of the fantastic dinosaur knowledge you have learnt over the past few weeks and create our very own fact files about our favourite dinosaur!

First you need to choose which dinosaur you like best! Next, have a think about what might be important to know about your dinosaur and make a list of 5 things e.g.

  1. Height:
  2. Weight:
  3. What it eats:
  4. Meaning of name:
  5. How it walked:

You can choose your own ideas, the above are just some examples!

Now, its time to go fact hunting, if you have a non-fiction book about dinosaurs, you could have a look in there to find your information. If not, have a look at the following websites they should be able to help you!

Finally, you can put your information in to your fact file poster. Remember to include a picture of your dinosaur and an eye-catching title! Have a look at my example to help you.


Today in handwriting we will be looking at the tricky word ‘to’. Have a go at practising the word and saying it aloud to help you remember the spelling. Afterwards, I wonder if you could write a sentence that includes the word ‘to’?


This afternoon your task is to explore sensory play. Can you name the five senses?







Have a look at this wonderful website it has some great ideas to help you explore sensory play. You can choose one of the ideas given and explore just one sense, you might like to try 2 or 3 or perhaps you want to give all 5 a try! I can’t wait to see what you get up to!