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Wake and shake


Year 1

We are learning the alternative grapheme for the ‘ai’ sound.  

Year 2

Today we are going to be learning the alternative sound for the ‘a’ grapheme. 

When 'a' says /o/

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Prefixes are a group of letters that change the meaning of a word when they are added to the start. Most prefixes mean a similar thing when they're added to different words.

  • un usually means not. For example, unhappy, unlocked, unfair
  • dis and mis usually have negative meanings. For example, disagree, disobey, misbehave, mislead
  • re usually means again or back. For example, redo, reappear, redecorate
  • sub usually means under. For example, subheading or submarine.

Have a look on this BBC learn to learn more about prefixes.

Look what appeared in the garden at school this morning, I couldn't believe my eyes!

Where do you think beanstalk goes? How did it get there? What is it for? Do you think anyone has climbed it? Do you know any stories with a beanstalk?

Jack and the Beanstalk

Today we are going to talk about 'sequels', a sequel is a book or movie that is complete in itself but continues a story begun in an earlier work. Let's read the first few pages of our book, Jim and the Beanstalk by Raymond Briggs.


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Your English task for today is to make predictions about what you think will happen next in the story. Record your ideas in your English book using these questions to help you.

What happens when Jim gets to the castle?
Who will be there?
What happens when Jim meets the character at the castle?
What might happen at the end of the story?


Here's an example:  I think Jim will sneak through the castle window and bump into the rain king who lives in the clouds. I think the king will be very angry that Jim climbed through his window and his roar will be heard like thunder across the Earth. I think by the end of the story Jim and the king will be friends.

Year 1 Maths

Today we are going to be counting in 2's

Year 2 Maths

Today we are going to be recognising 2-D and 3-D shapes

Wider Curriculum

In today’s lesson we are going to be looking after our environment. In our Teams meeting today we will be discussing why it is important to look after our local environments. We will explore the different things we can do to help keep our area clean and how to be safe while doing this. 


Think about your safety when you are helping to care for your local environment. Make sure you are wearing thick gloves or gardening gloves when picking litter and using a litter grabber if you have one.


You may want to make a tally chart of the litter your find on your walk.