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Lesson 7

Lesson 7: write in role - understanding a character's perspective

In this lesson you will

  • Show understanding of a character’s unique perspective on an event

  • Include recount and feelings in a diary entry 

  • Pose questions that a character may ask 


Read from Halloween to Names. You might want to listen to this section being read aloud.



Think about what happened in the chapter titled The Bleeding Scream.

  • What did Jack say about Auggie?
  • What is your response to Jack?
  • Does it change the way that you feel about Jack? Why?
  • Would it have mattered if Auggie hadn't overheard Jack?
  • Why did Jack say these things and what did he want to gain from doing so? 


You are going to write a diary entry. Choose which character's perspective you will use:


Auggie Mom    
Using what you know about Auggie, from this section of the novel, write Auggies’ diary about the events leading up to hearing Jack describe him to the other pupils.                                                                                                                   

Write a diary entry from Auggie’s mother’s perspective after she has brought him home from school, exploring her feelings and thoughts about how things are at Auggie’s school – especially as she is aware that she does not have the whole story.


When you have finished, spend a few moments thinking about the fact that often different people have different perspectives on things that happen. Our perspective is often informed by our feelings, experiences and our relationship with those involved. Does that mean we're wrong sometimes?