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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Wake Up Shake Up


Today we are going to express how we feel using singing or by finding a song that represents us. 

Sing It Out!


Choose a song and learn the words.

Sing the song and take a video if you would like to share. 



Before we talk about our writing task watch the video below to find out what  Past and Present Progressive Tenses are.  They're not a tricky as they sound.

KS1 English - Spagtastic Past and Present Progressive Tenses

Today, for our English task, we are going to write a paragraph for the brochure, pamphlet or leaflet (information text) we are creating as a reminder for the man to look after our world. Watch the video below to see how we are going to use one of the commands we wrote yesterday as a sub heading and prompt for writing a short, simple paragraph.

Here is a reminder of the rules for adding -ing to root words to help you with your writing today.


Choose a warm up by clicking on a picture. Then complete the lesson for your year group.


Year 1 Maths

Today we are going to be representing numbers to 50

Year 2 

We are going to draw and use pictograms.


Today we are going to sketch and paint a prehistoric dinosaur scene inspired by the paleo artist Andrey Atuchin.


DINOSAUR ART: Andrey Atuchin l


Collective Worship

Click on the candle to view the Collective Worship for today.