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Happy Friday!

Can you believe we are at the end of term 5 already - it's flown by! 

Today's challenges are to check and make sure you have completed all of this weeks learning tasks from the weekly timetable and check you have completed all of the tasks under each subject tab.  Do email across your messages and photos of your work as we love seeing them and are starting to build up galleries of photos to share for each subject. 

Miss Flisher has arranged another fantastic Kahoot quiz - This week the theme is identifying the ABC staff from our baby photos! To access this you need to go to and enter the game pin: 02320436 Do have a go but please can your gamer name be something we recognise - your initials and class, first name and class, name and year group etc.

Mrs Paul sent us links for the art lesson world record attempt yesterday - well done to everyone who logged in and took part and gained a certificate - we'd love to see some photos of you with your certificates so we can celebrate your achievement.

Miss Sutherland, Mrs Evans, Mrs Irvine and Mr Webster have completed the Looking for the Rainbow video and this can be found under the Christian Distinctiveness tab (green tab) on the homepage under Looking for the Rainbow.  A huge well done to everyone in years 3 and 4 who took part.

Mr Hazelby has found a history website that he'd like you to bookmark and explore.  To find it click or copy this link into your browser:  What can you discover about a period of history that we have covered at school or a period of history that interests you?  Create a bright and colourful top ten facts poster or power point about your favourite point in history - use lots of historical photos and pictures to make your poster / power point presentation more interesting - but remember to tell us what they are or what they show!

Next week is half term week.  Please relax and enjoy yourselves, but do keep up with your reading from home.  We will be updating the class pages next week and getting them ready for next terms online learning adventure.  Have a wonderful rest week and please remember that we are at the other end of an email if you need us or want to say hello or just keep us updated with news of how you are.

Stay safe

Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan  



Happy Thursday

Well done to all the Kingfishers who are beginning to reach the end of this terms online learning tasks.  We love receiving your emails and updates from home.  It is really important that you complete reading tasks during lockdown.  Please look at the AR link on the main class page so that you can access books and quizzes to keep your language and imagination developing until we can get together again.


We would like you to write a diary entry explaining what life in lockdown has been like for you.  What have you enjoyed?  What have you struggled with? How are you feeling?  Do you want to come back to school or stay at home?  Please email us your diary entries, they will help us to plan out ideas and activities for next term to help and support you from home.


There are some bonus activities uploaded on the maths page to help you keep your arithmetic skills sharp.  There are 10 each for year 3 children and year 4 children.  They will each take 10 minutes to complete.


Do get outside and enjoy the weather, remember to wear some sun cream and a hat.

Stay safe and stay well


Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan




Happy Wednesday laugh

Today is "Thank a Teacher Day" - so I will nominate and thank Mrs Bone from everyone in Kingfishers Class.  heart Mrs Bone has been doing a marvellous job leading the school through these very strange and testing times and I know like us she misses you all very much.  Thank you Mrs Bone for everything you do for us.heart


Remember to complete the weekly timetable tasks for this week.  What monsters will you create for Beowulf to battle?  A reminder that this weeks maths activities are on the maths page and we will be uploading some extra resources for you this week to keep you busy over half term.  Don't forget to check out this weeks Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge too.

Take care and stay safe in the sun.

Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan



Happy Tuesday!

The sun is out and its set to be a glorious day.  Remember to look under the subject tabs for this weeks work tasks.  Today's challenge is to draw a view from a window.  What does the world look like from your window?  Is everyone's view the same?  What colours can you see?  What shapes can you see? What grabs your interest?  If I look out of a window at the front of my house I can see trees.  If I look out of the windows at the back of my house I can see my garden and my neighbours cars.  Which view should I draw?  I might do both.

Stay safe in the sun - remember to wear a hat and sun cream

Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan 


Happy Monday!

What a busy weekend.  It was so lovely to get out and go for a walk.  I took some photos that I will post on the class page this week for you to enjoy.

This weeks learning timetable and activities have been uploaded on the class page.  Please look under the English and Maths tabs at the bottom of the main page to find this weeks activities.  This week we are going to be working with the epic Anglo-Saxon poem "Beowulf".  Beowulf is a hero who battles many monsters and frees people from fear.  It will be quite an adventure!  Watch the power point FIRST before you start any writing activities as it explains the poem in a very child friendly way.  I would recommend that you make a few notes to help you sequence the events in the poem.

This weeks maths activities are in the maths tab.  make sure you complete the correct set of tasks, year 3 or year 4.  Remember to also keep up with your TTRockstars and use Mathletics to help too.




The 'Pets of ABC Kahoot Quiz' is now live until 3pm today! To enter go to and enter the game PIN: 01976613. When asked to put in your nickname please put your first name, initial of surname and then your class e.g. John F Kingfishers. Any entries without this type of nickname won't be accepted. One entry per person. Let's see if KINGFISHERS can win (Again - well doen Rup for winning last weeks Quiz)!

Good luck.


Happy Friday!

Today is the final day to get your video clips of the rainbow song in to Miss Sutherland.  Remember to wear your school jumper in your video.

I have been thinking about how much I miss being in school and seeing all your faces and hearing all your news and stories.  I heard a song on the radio, and it got me thinking.  We are currently living in such strange times, what would you teach the world to do when we come out of lockdown?  I have attached a word document with some of the song lyrics on for you to draw images to, then have a go at writing your own lyrics and drawing the illustrations to go with them.

Can you find a song or poem that you really like and do a similar task to?

Keep safe, keep well and keep smiling

Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan


Happy Thursday!

I've been watching the wonderful wildlife in my local area since we have been on lockdown.  There is a family of Hedgehogs that visit my front garden at dusk.  The tree outside my house and it is full of different types birds. I have seen Magpies, Pigeons, Blue and Grey Tits, Sparrows and Starlings.  It makes such a change to wake up to bird song rather then car engines! 

What have you noticed about the wildlife in the area where you live?  Research and report back on the local wildlife in your local area.  What animals do you see?  What do they look like? Where are they coming from?  What do they eat?  Do you have any photographs of these animals and birds or can you draw them?  I know at school we have a family of foxes - if you have been at school have you seen them? 

Take some time to be still and silent and observe the wonderful world around you.

Stay safe and stay well.

Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan 


Happy Wednesday!

Today marks the first day that we can have unlimited daily exercise and go to the park! laugh 

When I was a little girl (Just after the dinosaurs died out), I loved going to the park after school and playing on the swings and seeing how high I could go and if I'd ever be able to a full loop the loop?  What is your favourite piece of equipment at the park?  What would you like to have at the park that we don't already have?  Can you be creative and invent a new piece of play equipment and explain what materials it is made from, who can use it, how to use it and how to get the most fun from it?  Bonus points if you can make a model of it too!  What about creating something fun for the grown ups to do at the park? 

Ask your grown ups what they would love to have at the park and see if you can design their ideas too - or if they are not too busy, perhaps they can be inventive and creative alongside you.

Remember to checkout this weeks Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge - if you have any ideas you would like to see used please email them across to us.

Stay safe, stay well and keep smiling

Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan


Happy Tuesday!


Have you see the song letter and lyrics at the top of the class page?  We really need your help to learn the words to the song and video yourself singing it.  All the details are on the main class page.  You have until Friday to complete your videos and email them to Miss Sutherland.  (Even the staff team are taking part!)


With the wind settling down and the sun shining outside today we would like you to enjoy nature and draw/paint or print some of the beautiful sights and sounds you see outside.  Use your imagination and be creative in your presentation of ideas.


We have added a link on the main class page to the AR system so that you can access over 7000 books to keep you reading from home.  Please use this site alongside any books you have at home to read and enjoy.  For many of you we set the challenge of exploring poetry on your reports.  Have you found a favourite poem yet?  Have you performed a poem to anyone?  Have you been inspired to draw any images created by a poem?  We would love to see your work.  Remember to email it over to use using the class email.

Right, time to get our best singing voice on and get practicing!

Stay safe and stay well

Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan



Happy Monday!

What did you get up to on Friday 8th May?  Did you have a social distancing street party with your neighbours?  Did you have a tea party at home with your family?  It would be great to see some photos and read about your celebrations - you could present these as a fact poster, newspaper report or power point presentation.

This week would have been SATs week for our friends in year 6 - Do you think SATs are important?  Should children be tested in English and Maths?  If you could choose which subjects you had to do tests in what would they be and why?  I quite fancy having my baking tested - I'm sure I could find a few willing taste testers amongst you!   mmmm cake ….. mmmmm CHOCOLATE CAKE!


The weekly timetable for suggested activities and ideas has been posted - check it out and enjoy the activities and ideas for this week.  Please don't forget to email us your photos, samples of work and messages.  You are all missed and we cannot wait to be back together again.


Keep smiling through

 Just like you always do

And I'm sure we'll meet again some sunny day!


Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan


Happy Thursday!

Tomorrow marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.  Please follow the links provided to view an online show and access resources to help young learners understand and appreciate what happened 75 years ago and why it is worth remembering.


The show is available on the Mr Dilly YouTube Channel here, and resources can be downloaded from , (recommended age 8+ KS2).


If today you were to make a time capsule to hide away to be found in 75 years time  (2095!)  what would go into your capsule and why?


Have a very peaceful and restful long weekend.  Enjoy the celebrations and the weather.  Please stay home and stay safe.


Happy Wednesday

Today's challenge is to check out the Art Rebels Creative Workshop video following the link below:

This is a fantastic opportunity to challenge your family members to a creative challenge!  Who can make the best mask?  We'd love to see your finished masks and your creativity in all it glory!


Also running today at 10am is a live broadcast aimed at key stage 2 students and will be covering several topics such as vulnerability, what to do in an emergency, staying Safe, fire Safety, wellbeing.


Do check both out if you can.


Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan


Happy Tuesday!

Today's special challenge for you is to prepare and make some bunting to display from a window or in your garden for Friday 8th May - which is a Bank Holiday to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.  What does VE stand for and what happened 75 years ago on May 8th 1945?  Present a report about VE DAY - this could be a sound file (like a radio broadcast from the time), a newspaper report or a video (like a news report from the time).  We can't wait to see the results.  Remember to email them over to the class page.


Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan

May the 4th Be With You!

Happy Monday and Happy Star Wars Day to any fans out there!

Welcome to the start of another week in lockdown.  Check out the new visual weekly timetable and this weeks lockdown activity timetable - there are lots of maths, writing and history tasks for you to have a go at. Watch out for my appearances this week too... 

Today's fun activity is to create a Star Wars themed storyboard with the idea of using the Force to destroy the COVID-19 virus...  I wonder what your storyboards will look like?  Remember to be creative and share your tasks with us via email.   I think I will get the Lego out and try this activity. 

Can you start to learn the words to the song "We'll Meet Again" which was a wartime song sung by Vera Lynn.  This song will be sung by the Nation on Friday 8th May which will see the country remember, reflect and celebrate VE (Victory in Europe) day.  Watch out for themed activities each day.

Have a good day, stay safe and stay well.

Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan



Happy Friday and Welcome to the month of May!

Normally, this weekend I would venture to Rochester and take part in the annual Sweeps Festival.  Sadly, this year Sweeps Festival has been cancelled like so many other events across the country.  I wonder if you can research and find out the history of the Sweeps Festival and May Day celebrations in Kent?  I'd love to see your ideas in a creative way - perhaps you could make a flower headband or try Morris or May Pole dancing in a creative way.  Whatever you get up to this weekend please stay safe and stay well.


Watch out for some creative messages coming your way next week.

Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan  

Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom

Happy Thursday!

Today marks Captain Tom Moore's 100th Birthday.  I wonder what a timeline of the past 100 years would look like?  Perhaps you could make one and email it to the class page.  Lots of us have celebrated  birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions since lockdown began.  If you could send a birthday present to Captain Tom what would you send and why?


Stay safe and stay well.

We miss you more with everyday that passes.


Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan

Happy Wednesday

Well the weather outside is wet and soggy again... so a day of indoor activities are called for.  Check out the Well-being Wednesday Challenge and raid your recycling bin for empty milk bottles!   Later today, I will be uploading a few activity sheets to get you ready for May.  Can you believe it's been a whole month since we were last together?  It has certainly been a very different April this year. 

Who are you missing and want to give a shout out to?  Remember to follow the link to email us with your ideas and suggestions.

Missing you all lots. 

Stay safe and well.


Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan

Happy Tuesday Everyone

It's raining cats and dogs outside!

Yesterday I left you a poem.  Last night I was tagged in a poem dedicated to a sewing group I belong to, and we were called the "Duvet Darlings".  Today I challenge you to write a poem about someone you miss.

Stay in, stay safe and stay well.


Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan

Happy Monday


Happy Friday!

It looks glorious outside today, I'm looking forward to my daily walk today.   I may take my sketch pad and watercolour pencils out with me today and enjoy some much needed sunshine.  Please do look at the class page for ideas and activities, but also spend time outside enjoying the weather.  Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine.  Stay safe and remember how much you are missed by us and your friends.


Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan 




It looks like its going to be a beautiful day outside today.  I think I will wait for it to warm up a little more and then go and sit outside in my garden and work today.  When I went out on my daily walk yesterday I couldn't help but notice how beautiful, full of life and quiet Maidstone is.  This got me thinking.  I wonder what you see when you are out on your daily walks that catches you eye and attention.  So how about a little competition?  Life in Lockdown  Can you draw, photograph, paint or create a model of what life in lockdown means for you?

Email your artwork into the class page and we will publish it here for everyone to enjoy.


Stay safe and well


Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan


We were so busy yesterday researching and preparing various bits and pieces for you we forgot to blog!  We are so sorry.  We have added 2 new files to our class page:  Pupil Voice and Wellbeing Wednesday

Pupil Voice:

If you have ideas for activities you would like to share with your friends, email them to the class page and we will upload them for everyone.

Wellbeing Wednesday:

We would like to make each Wednesday that we are apart our "Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge Day".  If you have any ideas for a fun task that doesn't need to be linked to the curriculum that you think your friends and their families would enjoy doing please email your ideas to us on the class email.  

We need you, we need your ideas and we need your voices!

22.4.2020 Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge:

Ask your parents if you have anything to bake a cake or make biscuits with...  If you have, what type of cake or biscuit can you make?  Can you ice biscuits or decorate a shop bought cake? Can you design a new cake or biscuit range to sell in the shops? Email us your pictures and tell us if you have permission for them to be posted on our page in the new Wellbeing Wednesday file.

Ready.... Steady.... BAKE! 

Please take care and stay safe

Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan


smiley Welcome back smiley

How is it Term 5 already?

We hope you enjoyed your Easter Holiday - all be it a bit of a different one this year!  How did you get on with your Lent Challenges?  Did you manage to survive 40 days with no chocolate?  No games console?  Being nice to your siblings?  I can say I am now enjoying coffee again! smiley


This is a very strange time for all of us and I just want you to all know how missed you are.  Please stay home, stay safe and stay well.  Remember you can email us on the class page and update us with your news or even a simple hello.  We love hearing from you.

Miss Copley, Mrs Hallihan and Miss West 

Happy Friday Kingfishers!,

We have now completed our 2nd week of not being together and we are missing you all. I was cheered up this morning to receive a brilliant poster and rainbow picture one of you sent us. Well done, keep it up and please send us some more or just an email to say how you are all doing.

Keep smiling and stay well.

Best wishes,

Mrs Hallihan, Miss Copley and Miss West


Good Morning Kingfishers,

Miss Copley and myself hope you are all staying well. Please make sure you get outside in your garden, if you are lucky enough to have one, for some fresh air daily and do some exercise to stay fit - I have been trying to do the Joe Wicks daily workout!

We have uploaded lots of ideas for you to do on our class homepage and we look forward to seeing the end results, especially in the Elmer milk bottle project or rainbow designs. Your parents can help you send them to us using the class email address.

Have a good Thursday and stay happy,

With best wishes,

Mrs Hallihan, Miss Copley and Miss West


Morning Kingfishers!

Today is the 1st April which is commonly known as April Fools Day but do you know the history behind this?


Some historians speculate that April Fools’ Day dates back to 1582, when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, as called for by the Council of Trent in 1563. In the Julian Calendar, as in the Hindu calendar, the new year began with the spring equinox around April 1. 

People who were slow to get the news or failed to recognize that the start of the new year had moved to January 1 and continued to celebrate it during the last week of March through April 1 became the butt of jokes and hoaxes and were called “April fools.” These pranks included having paper fish placed on their backs and being referred to as “poisson d’avril” (April fish), said to symbolize a young, easily caught fish and a gullible person.


Have a good day everybody and stay healthy.

Best wishes from Mrs Hallihan, Miss Copley and Miss West



Morning Kingfishers!

I can't believe it's the end of March already. What have you all been doing? You all know how terrible I am at computers? Well, today all the teachers are having a staff meeting using something called Zoom, so fingers crossed that I can manage to join in laugh

I hope you have all been doing some home learning but that you are also using the time to maybe learn a new skill? Who has done something new which they have never done before? Feel free to share on our class email. Has anybody managed to complete their home learning Bingo challenge yet?

Stay well and safe!

Until tomorrow, best wishes,

Mrs Hallihan, Miss Copley and Miss West 

laugh Hi Kingfishers!

So, here we are in week 2 of this very strange situation. What did you all do at the weekend? I hope you managed to get out into your gardens and spend some time in the fresh air. I did a lot of gardening and actually found time to start reading a book - this is one of my favourite things to do. I'm looking out into my garden right now and can see a very fat pigeon balancing on my fence.

I hope you are keeping your diary whilst you are off school. It will be interesting to look back at this time when things are back to normal or when you are older. You will be able to remember how, on the 1st day of British Summer time, we saw hail and some snow, plus we were freezing cold. Maybe you could write a poem or draw a picture about this then your parents could send it to us using the email address on our class home page.

Look after yourselves and your families.

Speak to you tomorrow,

Mrs Hallihan, Miss Copley and Miss West

smiley Happy Friday Kingfishers,

good morning, we hope your 1st week of home schooling has gone well; we don't know about you but it is very odd not being at school to do our learning. We hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves. We miss you all and hope it won't be long until Kingfisher class are all together again.

Don't forget to click on the links on our page to find interesting activities to keep you busy but don't forget to spend time outdoors or learning new skills at home - I actually tried making flapjacks this week and they were very delicious! 

Also, just a reminder that you or your parents can contact us by using the email address on our class home page.

Have a happy Friday, speak to you all again tomorrow,

Best wishes,

The Kingfisher team: Mrs Hallihan, Miss Copley and Miss West




Good Morning Kingfishers!

How are you all today? We hope you are staying healthy and well. We know that these times are a little bit scary but with all the beautiful sunshine helping to keep us smiling, we will all be okay. Try to go for a walk every day with your families, spend time in the garden, just to make sure you get some fresh air.

Hopefully, it won't be long until we are all back together in our ABC family. Remember that if you or your parents have any questions or just want to say hello, you can contact us using the class email address on our home page.

Look after yourselves and your loved ones. Speak to you again tomorrow!

Best wishes,

Mrs Hallihan, Miss Copley and Miss West


Good morning Kingfishers!

How are you all? We hope you are all staying safe and well. It is certainly a strange time at the minute but we don't know about you, waking up and seeing the sun shining through the curtains makes us happy.  It makes me want to go and spend a bit of time in the garden. I know we all wish we could go to the seaside but hopefully it won't be long until we can do that again.

If your parents need to contact us with any questions, our class email address is on the class home page. It would also be lovely to hear from you to see how you are all doing. Please follow the links to the home learning activities on our page.

Look after yourselves and your families. 

Best wishes,

Mrs Hallihan, Miss Copley and Miss West

March 2020

Dear Kingfisher Class,
Firstly, we just wanted to say how absolutely amazing you have all been over the last couple of weeks. You have shown us what truly kind and compassionate children you all are. Mrs Bone is certainly so proud of you for upholding all of our school values. We do not know how long we will be off school for, but it will probably be quite a few weeks. You have all worked so hard this year and made such amazing progress, that we really want you to keep it up, so that when you do come back to school you are able to pick up where we left off.
Please do try to some work every day. Also, keep up the good work on TT rock stars and Mathletics. Choose a wonderful book to read and enjoy it! Keep fit and active and maybe ask your grown up at home if you can do the daily Joe Wicks workout, as it looks great fun!
We will add more work to the class web page every week, so please do check in with the web page and complete as much as you can.
Most of all, be kind! Your parents and carers will need your help, if you have brothers and sister, think about how you can make them smile!
Take care Kingfishers and we hope to see you very soon.
With Very Best Wishes,
 Miss Copley, Mrs Hallihan and Miss West