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Good Morning and a happy Tuesday to you all! 

Let's kick off the day with a bit of Wake and Shake to 'Shake the sillies out'.


Wake and Shake 


Our phonics focus for this week is phase 3 vowel digraphs. Can you remember what a digraph is? That’s right it is two letters that go together to make one sound.

Today’s vowel digraph is ‘ee’


Now, can you play this roll and read game at home to practise your ‘ee’ sound. I wonder if you can put the words you read into a sentence too!




Your handwriting focus for today is to write the letter ‘m’. Before you start practising the letter you might like to try drawing some similar patterns to get prepared- have a look at my example for some ideas!





Today in maths we are going to continue to learn about capacity. Do you remember the key words we used yesterday? They are ‘full, nearly full, nearly empty and empty’. Today we are going to apply our understanding of capacity by following a recipe!

There are some options for you to choose from- one is a recipe to make play dough and the other is to make a cake! If you have your own idea then please feel free to make whatever you like- just remember those important key words that we have been exploring when learning about capacity!


Here are some additional resources you might like to view to help you!

 Session 5- Measuring ingredients.


Cake recipe:

Expressive arts and design


Uh Oh!! What’s that!! It’s…. a... DINOSAUR! I saw some dinosaur footprints and it made me wonder… which dinosaur left those?

Today, I would like you to get creative and to make some dinosaur footprints! Have a look at the ideas I have given you for some inspiration. Once you have created your dinosaur footprints could you write a label to tell me which dinosaur they belong too?