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Lesson 8

Lesson 8: refer to evidence in a text to draw a character

In this lesson you will:

  • Find the description of Auggie in the text

  • Draw Auggie, using the written description as a set of instructions

  • Use colour to depict emotion and character


Read from  A Tour of the Galaxy  to August through the Peephole. You can listen here


I wonder why we have not had a proper description of Auggie thus far in the novel.  

I wonder why it has taken the reader so long to be given a description of him when his physical features are so key to the story.


What are your thoughts about this? Write them down.


Draw a picture of Auggie. You will need to use the description given in the book, in particular, Via's perspective. I wonder if this differs from Auggie's descriptions of himself.


Show some of Auggie's personality in your drawing: explore how you might do this using colour (think about the first art lesson for the term based on Emotions and Feelings).


Email your picture to me so that I can post them here: it would be interesting to see how your images differ and how they are the same.


Are you continuing to make a note of interesting phrases and sayings that occur in each chapter?


Read the rest of Part 2 Via before the next session. Listen to it here