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Friday 26th February 2021

Wow it is Friday already!! I think this week has gone very quickly, I wonder if it has for you too.

Let’s start the day by waking up and shaking up, today’s song is a game called ‘the floor is lava’.

The Floor Is Lava


You have all been doing so well with reading the longer words this week in phonics. I have been very impressed with some of the words and even sentences you have read and written!
Let’s review the learning from this week with lesson 35:



Let’s warm up our hands ready to write today:


Today’s letter for handwriting is ‘u’. Have a go at writing u and even making the letter ‘u’ using different objects.


I wonder…do you have any wishes? In some fairy-tales there are characters who grant wishes! For example in Cinderella there is the fairy Godmother. I wonder…do you know what she uses to help her grant Cinderella’s wishes? That’s right magic and a magical wand!!

Your activity for today is to create your very own wand. To be successful in today’s learning you will be able to use your imagination, construct using a variety of resources and use tools and techniques to join materials.

Here are some ideas of how you may choose to make your wand:


Once you have made your wand you could choose to:

-Use it for role play.

-Write a magic spell!

-Dance along to this song:


This week in Literacy we have been looking at different stories and have been naming characters from them. Yesterday we wrote about our favourite character, and drew a picture of them.

Today we would like you to get creative and use different materials to create a character from a fairy-tale story.

Here are some examples for you: