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Wednesday 1st April 2020 
Hello Goldfinch class,
Today it is April Fool’s Day, when people traditionally play tricks on each before midday. Has anyone played a trick on you today?
April Fools Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years - a famous author named Mr Chaucer wrote about it in a book, The Canterbury Tales, which was published in 1392 - that’s the fourteenth century. How many years ago was that?
It’s not just England that celebrates: in France the day is known as Poisson d'Avril, which translates to April Fish. How silly!
The Spanish celebrate the day, which they name Dia de los huevos, by throwing eggs at each other in the street.
Every year, the newspapers publish story that are not true in an attempt to trick the public. These include stories that a square dartboard was going to be used in national championships, that the clock faces on Big Ben would be replaced with a digital clock and that a new 50p piece would be made which had a poo emoji on it. All tricks of course but some people were fooled. Why don’t you check the news today and see if you can spot the fake news?
I wonder, who can you trick today? 
(I have included one piece of false information in this report so far: have you spotted it? Prize for the first person to email me with the false information.)
Please continue with your persuasive writing today - I wonder if you are ready to write up your leaflet or if you are still researching. I’m looking forward to seeing / reading your finished work.
Please log on to White Rose for your maths lesson . Remember, you can check other year groups if you need to revise anything , you can check the maths pages on this site and you can always email me with any questions that you may have. I have added a Puzzle for the Day section, too - go and have a look!
How is your Science Extreme Weather work coming on? Have you managed to complete any experiments yet? What have you learned that you didn’t know before?
Keep in touch. Stay safe,
Mrs Evans

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Hello Goldfinch class,

A chilly start to the day today! As I went for my run this morning, I was aware of the birds twittering and tweeting around me. The lack of cars on the roads really makes a difference to the sounds I can hear when I am outside. It got me thinking, what else has changed when I go outside? Fewer cars, more aware of birds singing, fewer planes, I even noticed a fox in a neighbour's garden yesterday. I wonder, what would you like to stay the same, what do you miss? You could write about this in your journal.


Please continue working through the persuasive writing activity that I have posted on our Home Learning section. How are you finding it? Do let me know.


Check out today's White Rose maths lesson here: If you need help, do email me and ask. You could always check a different year group to revise previous learning. There's lots on our maths page, too.


Did you make a start on yesterday's Science - Extreme Weather pack? There are lots of activities to complete - do send me your photos.

Monday 30th March 2020


Hello Goldfinch class,

Did you have a good weekend? What lovely weather we had on Saturday - did you see the hail on Sunday? I thought I saw a few snowflakes at one point in the afternoon. It got me thinking about extreme weather and I found a fantastic Science project for us all to complete that teaches us about the weather. You'll find it here: Make a start today and let me know how you get on.



This week, I have planned a series of lessons for you to complete some research and produce a persuasive leaflet. There are 8 sections to complete - you might want to complete two or three sections on some days, or just one section on other days. It's up to you how you plan your time. You'll find it in the Home Learning section: click English and then click the Persuasive Leaflet star and read the instructions first.



For your maths this week, I would like you to continue logging on to White Rose: this week we are learning about scale factors (Week 2, Year 6). You might want to go back to Week 1, lesson 5 as a recap.


In addition, I have loaded more learning activities in the Maths section of our Home Learning page: do have a look. There are some great reasoning activities to work through.


Remember to send me your photos, work and questions that you might have. I'm here to help and support you.

Have a good week,

Mrs Evans

We'd like to know how you are getting on with your home learning and how you are. Please ask your adult to follow the link  and complete the 2-minute survey:  

(If you click on the link and it doesn't take you to the survey, please copy and paste it to your address bar)


Hello Goldfinch class,


We've reached the end of our first week of home-learning. I imagine you have a new routine at home which includes learning, play and some sort of activity in the home, too.


I found a fantastic clip on YouTube last night of an incredible invention. Here it is:


Your challenge for today and over the weekend is to plan, design and build an invention to help you in the home. Include lots of detail, make lots of notes and think about how one action will trigger another, just like the YouTube clip. Draw the invention and use your imagination.


Here is some more maths for you: we're on day 4 of ratio. If it's too difficult, email me and ask for help. You can also email me if you'd like a greater challenge. 


Remember that the journals you are keeping are pieces of history! In twenty, fifty and even a hundred years from now, children will learn about these extraordinary times. Do check the English home-learning icon on our class webpage for writing checklists to ensure your writing includes fantastic grammar, spelling and punctuation.


Look after yourselves,

Mrs Evans

Hello Goldfinch class,


Day 4 of Home Learning. The sun is shining again and the trees are bursting with blossom. On my way to work today I caught the scent of some delightful flowers, heard the beautiful song of birds celebrating spring and felt the warmth of the sun on my face juxtaposed with the fresh, cold morning air. Juxtaposed? Look it up and use it in an email to me!


Did you complete the butterfly science challenge that I set yesterday? Do send me your findings.


Today's challenges:

  1. Check back in on and complete the third lesson on ratio. If you're stuck, get in touch with me and ask for help. You could always look at a different year group to get into the swing of things!
  2. Write a book review for the last book you read. Include the title and author and give a brief synopsis (summarise the story) but don't give away the ending. Describe the main character and say if you like them or not, giving reasons why. Suggest who might enjoy the book and why. Finally, say what you're going to read next. You could even ask an adult to log in to Amazon for you and help you to post the review (after you have emailed it to me).
  3. Keep working through your home learning packs and check the learning sections on the class page, too - I've just added a link to a singing project which looks really fun!


Today's Prayer for the Day is the Lord's Prayer (with song and actions). Why don't you spend a few moments in peace and reflection? See the link below.


Mrs Evans



Hello Goldfinches,


Day 3: I wonder how you are. Yesterday, on my way home from school, I thought to myself, 'It's a beautiful day and I am enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face but goodness, I'd much rather be teaching my class!' I miss you all very much. I hope you are well.


Science challenge: I took a photograph of a butterfly in my garden yesterday.

  • Can you identify the species and name it?
  • How would you classify it?
  • What does its caterpillar look like?
  • What was the butterfly doing when I took the photo?
  • How has the butterfly helped the plant in its life-cycle?
  • What other scientific questions could you ask (and answer)?
  • Sketch or paint an accurate picture of the butterfly.

There is lots to help you with this here, in fact, there is enough here to keep you busy all week! 


May I also suggest you log on to White Rose and watch the second of the ratio clips


Have a good day today. I have added today's Prayer for the Day - do enjoy a moment of peace and reflection. 

Keep in touch - use the contact form below!

Mrs Evans



Hello Goldfinches,


Day 2 of Home Learning: how are you today? With the most recent update from the Prime Minister, telling everyone to stay indoors, I wonder if this has changed how you feel? Click on the link below for a Bible story and moment to reflect and pray. 


I hope that your learning packs are interesting and useful to you - remember that you can email me to ask for help or to send me examples of your learning. How are your daily journals coming on? I would love to read some of your work and to find out about the things you are getting up to.


Task for today: log on to David Walliams' website and enjoy listening to a story. His website has lots of activities to complete, too.


Here's a link some excellent teaching on ratio: I'd recommend you find some time to watch the video and have a go at the questions When you're feeling confident, why don't you set me a mathematical challenge?


Stay safe indoors,

From Mrs Evans

Hello Goldfinches,

This is Day 1 of your home learning - I wonder how you are getting on? Did you know that are offering free audio books, and you can also read and listen to books at ? 

We are busy sorting out lots of activities for you to complete and I would be really interested to know how you are getting on.


Goldfinch Email

You can email me on - I'd love to hear from you; you can send work, entries for the blog or questions about your home learning. I'll check emails Monday-Friday between 0900 and 1100.


Look after yourselves, from Mrs Evans

Hello Goldfinches,

What a strange time it is for us all! Do keep checking in to this page to download activities and games to   keep you occupied for as long as this strange time takes to blow over.


Look after yourselves. READ !

Mrs Evans