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Tuesday 21st July 2020

Today's blog has been written by Miss Copley and you can find it here.

Monday 20th July 2020

For the last week of term, we are sharing our blog entries and activities: today's blog has been written by Mrs Bourdillon and you can find it here

Year 6 Leavers' Party 

We are looking forward to welcoming all of Year 6 to the Leavers' Party. In order to keep everyone safe, please download and read the document below which explains how we expect everyone to behave, what to do when you arrive and how we will keep you safe.



  • Wear your school PE kit
  • Bring an extra t-shirt if you would like it to be signed (you will not be allowed to have the t-shirt you are wearing to be signed)
  • Bring a packed lunch and a drink
  • Return any school books in a plastic bag

New sports themed quiz 

Pin: 02636026



Friday 10th July 2020

Well, Year 6, here we are then. It is with a mixture of pride, sadness, excitement and hope that I write the last entry in the blog. Year 6 is such a wonderful year group to teach - hard work of course but so rewarding for everyone. It's been lovely to read some of the letters that you have been writing, reflecting on how much you have grown and learned in your time at Archbishop Courtenay Primary School. No one ever dreamed that we would end the year like this: Goldfinch class, I remember that on the last day we were together you asked me if we would meet again and I told you that I was convinced that we would. I must say, back in March I thought that lock down might last four weeks or so ... how wrong I was! 


Poem for Year 6


And so, Year 6, the time has come.

As you’ve made your way from Reception, you’ve watched other year 6 classes leave, move on.

Discos, parties, autographs and hugs. 


But not for you.


The class of 2020.

Do not let COVID define you.

You are so much more than the year who didn’t do sit their SATs, who weren’t able to complete Year 6.


You were working so hard - we predicted greatness.

We still do.

Your hard work, tenacity and determination to succeed are the legacy that you leave us with.

Take that with you

Be brave and courageous

Do not be defeated but overcome your giants.

Remember that the hardest of times

                          the struggles and the tears

                          the mistakes and crossing out and starting again

They all build up to greatness.

Well done.

We’re proud of you.

Take your greatness and leave knowing that you are loved and valued here.

Now go and love and value others.




Thursday 9th July 2020

Hello Year 6. Did you have a good day yesterday? I hope that you managed to get outside in between showers. Perhaps, like me, you were out in a downpour and got soaking wet! 


How are your Transition to Secondary Booklets going? Have you looked through them and completed as much information as you can? Has your booklet helped to reassure you? Perhaps it has helped you to think about questions to ask if you have video conferences with your new schools as I know some of you have. I found this article on BBC Newsround about going to secondary school which I thought you might find interesting: 




Complete the final lesson and write up your letter to a child who is starting Archbishop Courtenay Primary School in September. Send me either the original letter, a scanned copy, a photograph or a Word file with your letter on and then I shall pass them on to Mrs Eades and Miss Sutherland.



Did you complete the aeroplane project? I wonder how you got on? If you haven't completed it yet, click here.

If you've finished, try these: 



If you have completed everything, have a good browse through the website. Perhaps you'd like to complete a Science challengeDid you finish the RE that I set for you this term? Why not check out the Art pages? 


Have a good day. Before you finish for today, remember the Virtual Sports Week Challenge for today:

See you tomorrow at 1100. I'll send arriving details to you a little later today.





Wednesday 8th July 2020

Hello Year 6. We are halfway through the week already - goodness me, time flies when we are having fun! I hope that you continue to keep well and look after yourselves.


Don't forget to check in to the latest Virtual Sports Week challenge from Miss Flisher: here it is



How is your letter to the new children starting school in September shaping up? Check out each lesson here:

Are you enjoying the music that accompanies each lesson? I had fun choosing the songs!



Mr Newman's aeroplane challenge can be found here:



Don't forget to look after your mental health. It's so important. Remember, these wellbeing sessions are best completed with someone else to talk through your ideas with. 



This art project is really good - Miss Paul has completed this with her Keyworkers bubble and the results look fantastic! Why not have a go.

Click the image or download the materials here:



Have a good day today. Have you spoken to any of your friends recently? Why not call or text them or arrange a ZOOM call? It's so important to keep in touch with our friends! Don't forget you can email me too - send me your work or just write a few lines to say hello and let me know what you've been doing. The teachers here at ABC think about our home learners regularly. We miss you all very much - we love hearing from you.


See you on Friday. I'm so excited!


Tuesday 7th July 2020

Hello Year 6 - how are you? Did you enjoy the English lesson yesterday? I'm really looking forward to reading the wisdom that you pass on to the new children starting at ABC in September: I wonder what lessons you have learned and how you will encourage the little ones. 


Yesterday, I uploaded the poem 'If' by Rudyard Kipling. Last year's Year 6 learned it and recited it - it's such a wonderful poem, full of excellent precepts.


Today, I'd like to encourage you to think about Haiku. A Haiku is a Japanese poem of 17 syllables written in 3 lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the second 7 syllables and the third has 5 syllables. Traditionally, Haiku were written about nature but nowadays we find them written about any subject. Here are some examples which I have taken from a book of Haikus by Becket:


Great destinations                   Let nothing stop you                              Being different

are often discovered               Obstacles are not mountains                 means you are exceptional.

on difficult journeys.                They are stepping stones.                     So be not afraid.


I wonder if you might choose Haiku to include in your letter this week.


Here are your English lessons:



Mr Newman has found an interesting paper aeroplane mathematical challenge for you this week. Find it, and three lessons, here: 



Virtual Sports Week

Miss Flisher tells me that it's going really well and lots of children are joining in from home - that's fantastic! Keep up the good work. Find the latest challenges here:


Keep up the wellbeing sessions here 



Thank you for your feedback and thank you to everyone who is staying in touch by email. You can contact me here if you want to. I'm really excited about the Year 6 Leavers' party in Friday - see you there at 1100.

Monday 6th July 2020

Hello Year 6 and welcome to your last week of primary school at Archbishop Courtenay Primary school. What a last week for you! Mr Newman and I have planned some nice activities and learning for you this week - nothing too onerous but definitely worthwhile and useful.


First things first, have you responded to the letter inviting you to the Year 6 Leavers' party from 1100 - 1230 this Friday (10th July)? If not, please ask your adult to contact the school or email me


Secondly: do you have any books that belong to the school, to me or to Mr Newman (or any other teacher)? Please have a look and make sure that you return them this week. If you're coming to the party, please bring them in a bag - we will quarantine the books for a few days before putting them away.


Here's one of my favourite poems which is relevant at this time of year. 

watch the poem here




It's week 2 of Virtual Sports Week. Click the image below for information. Thank you to everyone who has shared their videos the sports challenges - I can see that you are really enjoying completing these at home!





This week, you are going to spend time thinking about the seven years you have been at ABC. You have learned so much, grown so much and gained so much wisdom - now it's time to share this. I would like you write a letter to one of our new children who are starting their ABC journey here in September in Wrens or Jays class. There are three lessons, you decide when to complete them, but email me your finished letter at the end of the week so that Mrs Eades and Miss Sutherland can share the letters.



I have added three more Wellbeing sessions this week. It would be helpful if you could complete each one with an adult or an older sibling - someone you can talk to and share your thoughts with. If there is no one to help you with this, jot down your thoughts. I hope you enjoy these sessions.



Mr Newman has found a fantastic mini-project for you to get stuck in to this week: clicking on the picture will take you to the website with the project on and the lessons will be uploaded shortly ...




Take a look at this great art project which the Year 6 bubbles in school are going to complete this week. This looks really fun - don't forget to email pictures of your completed project in:




Have a wonderful week. Stay in touch.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on Friday

(we'll share details of what to do when you arrive a little nearer the time).

Friday 3rd July 2020

Good morning Year 6. It's the end of another week, your penultimate week at primary school. My goodness, how time flies! We have four days of learning together next week and then, on the fifth day, Friday, we shall meet together for our Year 6 Leavers' party (1100 - 1230, bring a picnic, wear your PE kit, bring a school polo shirt for others to sign for you and bring your best smiles, it's going to be a lovely time together). 


Check out BBC Newsround for up-to-date news and interesting stories. 


If you've had enough of bad news, check out First News' Positivity Place



Miss Flisher has created a brand new quiz. The pin is 08562681


Have you been taking part in Virtual Sports Week 2020? Click the

image above to check out the 5 challenges we've been given this

week. Today is Day 5 but you can have a go at any challenge.




It's the final Wonder lesson today. I hope that you enjoyed the book as much as I did. It's not the sort of book that I would usually choose to read but it came highly recommended so when I found a copy at school, I borrowed it to see if it was as good as people said. I'm so glad I took that risk.



At the bottom of the Wonder page, I have added a link to Natalie Merchant's song, Wonder, the lyrics from which are used in the story. It's an old song but a good one.



Look after your mental health. Have you completed all of the sessions so far?




Did you try the egg box investigation? Take a look, here:


Finally, take a look at our Prayer and Worship section on the website. Every day during lock down we have posted a prayer or short story and worship for you to follow. This week, a different teacher has been uploading a new act of worship for us. 

Have a lovely weekend. I am looking forward to posting every day next week. Do keep in touch.

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Hello Year 6 - how are you today? Today's Virtual Sports Day (Day 4)  challenge requires great co-ordination and a toilet roll. Have a look and submit your video to Miss Flisher - watch here:









There are three new Wellbeing sessions this week. If possible, complete each session with an adult or older friend.



Have a good day. Remember to let us know if you are coming to the Year 6 Leavers' Party on 10th July.

Wednesday 1st July 2020

Hello Year 6 - how are you? I'v had some lovely emails from you lately - thank you for keeping in touch with me as it is always good to hear from you. In a letter that went out to parents yesterday Mrs Bone told everyone that a number of staff will be leaving the school this July, including both Mr Newman and me. Year 6 shall all be leaving together! I am very excited about my new job - I am going to work in a school in Battersea which is in South London (a very big change for me). Mr Newman will be working closer to his home.


Check out today's challenge. Have you uploaded your videos?








How are you getting on with the Stars Project and the Area and Perimeter work? Mr Newman has added a Prison Cell Investigation if you would like another challenge.



Ask an adult or an older sibling or friend to work with you to complete the next wellbeing session. You'll find them at the bottom of the page (click one of the sunflowers in a row)


Have a lovely day. Do let me know if you can come (or if you can't make it) to our Year 6 Leavers Party on Friday 10th July at 11am. It would be lovely to say goodbye to everyone next Friday.

Tuesday 30th June 2020

Hello Year 6. I'm so excited - everyone is talking about the Virtual Sports Week events and getting involved! Have you had a go yet? Have you emailed your video in to Miss Flisher yet? If not, you've got time to get involved. Click here for today's challenge and for further information:




I have uploaded the rest of the book to the Wonder pages - I do apologise for the delay in getting the rest of the book up for you to read. Thank you to Mrs Irvine for pointing that out to me! Continue with this week's lessons - Monday and Tuesday are planning and writing an alternative ending to the story. R.J. Palacio chose  a happy and feel-good ending. I wonder what you will do to Auggie to finish the story.



This week, choose from a Stars Project or Area & Perimeter. I will add another activity for you tomorrow.



I showed this to you last week but here it is again, a great Art Project. You could enter the competition or just do it for fun. I'd love to see photographs of your final pieces.








Have a look at this great Science investigation that you can do at home.

Finally...did your parents get the letter?

Monday 29th June 2020

Good morning Year 6 and welcome to the first week of Virtual Sports Week. Miss Flisher has been busy filming and preparing sports activities for you to take part in from home. Click here and then select CHALLENGES for today's activity (you might recognise a few faces). You'll also find details on how to send your videos to Miss Flisher - you don't have to film yourself of course. Have fun!



This is our final week of Wonder by R.J. Palacio. The whole book has now been recorded so enjoy listening to the story if you have not yet completed it.




excellent occur symbol existence faulty prejudice

variety community frequently bruise



This week you will find a variety of activities and investigations to enjoy. I know that the Spirals Project last week divided you: you either loved it or did not enjoy it at all!


Here is a unit on Area and Perimeter   and here is a Stars Project

Select an activity to complete over the next few days - or dip into both if you like!



I have added some more Wellbeing sessions for you to complete this week. Click the sunflower and scroll to the bottom of the page. It would be beneficial if you could complete these sessions with another person, a friend, sibling or an adult. This is because it's really helpful to talk and share ideas in these sessions. If there is no one available to work through these with you, you can still complete the sessions, jot down your ideas in your journal. I hope you find these useful.


Have a great week, Year 6.

I always look forward to hearing from you and receiving your work.

Friday 26th June 2020

Hello Year 6 - how are you? Yesterday I arrived at school in my PE shorts and t-shirt ready to be filmed completing my virtual Sports Day challenge which Miss Flisher will be uploading to the website soon. I am really looking forward to our Sports Week from 29th June. Everyone will be able to join in. Yellow team, I am counting on all of you to take part and win the trophy! Unless you want another team to win ... surely not! Find out more here:



Here is this week's quiz. Game pin 0169626​ 



I uploaded four Wonder lessons this week - some of them were very long and there has been a lot of reading to complete too. Turn to your next lesson - don't worry if you are a bit behind. Today is a catch-up day. I am looking forward to reading your newspaper reports.



Today is also a catch-up day for Maths. I wonder how you have found the Spirals Project? Would you recommend it?

If you are ready for your next lesson, take yourself to Mathletics and Times Tables Rock Star and complete some activities. You could also have a go at the puzzles below.

Finally, have a look at this great Art project. This will be the basis of your art lessons next week, so this is an opportunity to get ahead of the game!



Have a lovely weekend. 

Thursday 25th June 2020

Phew - what a scorcher! Yesterday Miss Flisher and I set up two gazebos on the field in order to provide a little shade from the relentless sun. We used the spiritual garden too. There was no escaping the heat though, so we drank lots of water and stayed in the shade as much as we could. The Met office has issued the following:



I wonder what a 'yellow warning' is?

What might happen as a result of the weather tomorrow?

Is the warning for overnight weather or daytime?

I wonder why the Met office would issue this warning?

What is the Met office?



Well being

Today I would like you to complete the second of the Well being sessions: 2 Same but different. Find the sunflower on the main Goldfinches page or click the link here:





It would be really helpful for me to know where you are up to with your Wonder lessons. This will help me as I plan for next week. Please could you email me, or fill in the 'Contact Mrs Evans' form on the          Goldfinch home page and let me know which lesson number you are up to. You could send me any work you've done, too, if you wish.


I think that's enough for today! Look after yourselves. Remember,


Yesterday, I popped in to see how Year 6 with Miss Hallihan were getting on - they had drawn some amazing spirals, though they had found them difficult to complete. I wonder how you are getting on.


Day 4 of the Spirals Project: The Golden Spiral

Read slides 84 - 90. Enjoy learning about the relationship between maths and nature. It's truly fascinating. Find out about Fibonacci (pronounced Fib-on-archie).


Take a piece of squared paper: if you don't have any, print slide 91 or                                                 download a piece of squared paper.


Begin. Draw 2 squares exactly as shown on slide 91. Look whereabouts on the paper these have been drawn - it's important you copy the position, too, or you'll run out of paper.


Now work through to slide 94: count the number of squares in each rectangle as you draw them and make a note of them. When you complete slide 94, turn back to slide 87. What do you notice about the numbers you jotted down?


Now work though to slide 101. Draw your curves exactly as they are shown, joining each shape in the correct space and touching the sides as shown. I would recommend you complete each rectangle at a time. 


Did you get your perfectly curved spiral? It takes practise - you might need to have another go!


Now work through the rest of slides to the end of the Power Point. What is your response to the idea that spirals in nature are connected to maths? Do you think 'Wow!"?


Email me and share your thoughts on this.


Maths and Nature. It's amazing!

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Hello Year 6. Today is set to be even hotter than yesterday (but not quite as hot as tomorrow). Stay cool, drink lots of water, stay out of the sun at midday and wear sun screen when you do go out. Sunstroke and sunburn are nasty and avoidable! It may sound like nagging, but following these instructions will keep you safe. See what the NHS has to say about staying safe in the sun here:


Check out some interesting freaky weather facts here: 








I'm looking forward to reading your newspaper articles at the end of the week. You'll include factual information about the incident with Auggie and you'll also imagine characters' opinions. Not sure about the difference between fact and opinion? Check out this short lesson here:




Day 3 of the Spirals Project. How are you getting on?


Today we're going to investigate spirals in squares. Turn to slides 66 and 67.


On slide 67, can you see why the denominator (bottom number) in each fraction increases each time? What is happening to the number of pieces each square is divided into?


Spend time on slide 68. If you can't see the pattern straight away, look at the first 2 fractions and think about the denominators: what is the relationship between 2 and 4? You know that 2 + 2 = 4 so is the pattern add 2? Check the next number.

Hmm. That's not it. What else could I do to 2 in order to get 4? You know that double 2 is 4. Is that the pattern? What's double 4? Now double the next number. Do you see the pattern?


Follow the instructions on the next slides: you will need a ruler. Your square must be a perfect square: if you don't have squared paper to draw on, use your protractor to ensure that each angle is 90 degrees. If you don't have squared paper or a protractor, use a ruler to measure and the corner of a book to draw your 90 degree angles. (If you don't have this equipment, now might be a good time to ask an adult to buy these for you as you will need them at secondary school)

Follow the instructions and stop at slide 77. How is your spiral looking?


Now check slides 78 - 83. Can you copy one of these designs?

Which design produces the most curved spiral? How can that be, when it created with straight lines?


Which lesson are you up to in your study of Islam? Check here for the next one: 



Have a lovely day today.

Do email me your work - I always enjoy hearing from you.

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Hello Year 6. Think about one interesting fact you learned yesterday. What would you like to learn today? I hope that you are still enjoying your home learning and that you still feel excited and interested in what we are doing online together.


I noticed on BBC Newsround that there are some interesting articles about the Windrush Generation. Do you remember learning about this earlier in the year? You may have also heard or read about the terrible murders in Reading over the weekend. Violence like this is shocking and can make us feel afraid but it's important to remember that these acts occur very rarely. Check out Newsround for more information:



Before you begin your maths and English today, I would like your first lesson to focus on your wellbeing. If at all possible, ask an adult or a trusted friend to complete the session with you - if they can't do that now, find time today when they can spend about 45 minutes with you. Head to the sunflower icon and select the first session, 1 Reconnect and Re-engage.





Day 2 of The Spirals Project.


How did you get on yesterday? Did you manage to draw the spirals? Was it clear what to do? If you got stuck or had difficulty, email me: I can talk you through what to do or even send a short film showing you. Please don't struggle and get stressed at home!


Today you need a sharp pencil, ruler and a protractor (angle measurer). The picture on the Power Point is of a circular, round protractor but a semi-circular one like this will work just as well.  If you don't have one, you can skip straight to slide 60 and print it out.


On a piece of paper, draw a circle - a perfect circle using a compass or draw around a tin or plate. Find the centre of the circle (you could fold it) and mark the centre. You are going to divide your circle into 9 equal parts. How will you do this?


Think: how many degrees in a circle?


Now divide that number by 9. This will tell you how many degrees to space your equal sections by. Use the Power Point slide 59 to guide you through.

Draw a star shape, joining each angle through the middle of your circle (slide 61) ensuring that each line comes out 10cm from the centre of the circle. Use a ruler.


Now, Measure a point 9cm on one spoke, then 8cm on the next, 7cm on the next spoke and 6cm on the next spoke and so on until you reach the centre of the shape (slides 62 and 63). 


Join each dot together to form a spiral and then rub out the spokes (slides 64 and 65). Use a ruler.


Hey presto! You have drawn a mathematical spiral - well done.


Challenge: how can you make the curve more rounded? How would adding or taking away spokes affect the shape of the curve?


Need help? Take your time - you are unlikely to be able to draw this straight away. Practise. Use a ruler.


Reading and Writing




Mrs Cole has kindly adapted some of the lessons. If you are finding some of the work difficult, have a look here.


I think that's more than enough work for today.

Well done Year 6, I'm super proud of you all.

Monday 22nd June 2020


Hello Year 6. We're in week 4 of our final term together - how the time is flying by! I hope you had a restful weekend. I am enjoying spending more time with my mum, who has joined our family bubble - we've eaten meals together and gone for long walks. I wonder if you are able to see more family members or friends - I wonder how that is for you. One thing that lock down has taught me is that I should never take my class (that's you), friends or my family for granted - how I miss them.


You can check out the weekly overview of our home learning here. You'll see that we are going to be spending more time thinking about the things that have changed and stayed the same since lock down - we'll start this tomorrow (Tuesday). Today, enjoy our different style of maths, continue with Wonder and explore some fascinating art.


Check out our Prayer for the Day section. Mrs Bourdillon has been thinking about

BlackLivesMatters and will be leading us through a week of reflection and wonder 

as we think about the way that God has made us unique, yet in His image. 


Have a marvellous week. Stay in touch with me - I love to hear from you.



You will need a ruler and coloured pencils (or pens) today.

Download the Spirals Powerpoint / pdf below.


We shall be investigating spirals in nature this week, drawing mathematical spirals and finding out Archimedes and the mathematic rules that he uncovered in the natural world. This is going to be really fun! 


Look at slides 1-37 and read the accompanying notes. The photos in the slides are of real spirals in both the natural and the human-made world. Take time to investigate spirals around you: are there any in your house? In the garden? See if you can find a snail and investigate its spiral shell.


Print slide 44 and slide 52.


Now work through from slides 38-56. Attempt to draw both sets of spirals. Check each slide carefully to see where to start each new line. Stop at slide 56.


How did you get on? Are you proud of your work? These spirals look impressive, don't they? Email me pictures of your work - I would love to post your work online.




Write a definition for each of your spellings this week:

frequently government harass hindrance language leisure lightning marvellous mischievous


Take care! The American spelling of some of these words differs from the English - ensure you learn and apply the English version.


Reading and Writing

Which lesson are you up to in Wonder? I have uploaded four more for you this week. The story gets really exciting this week when Auggie goes away with his class and something happens! We'll be writing a newspaper article about the incident.



Art & DT

I am sure you are familiar with Edvard Munch's The Scream. This picture comes up in Wonder, too. Click on the image for a lesson to learn more about the painting and the artist.

Friday 19th June 2020

Hello Year 6. Friday again - this week has flown by! How are you? Have you enjoyed the work that I have set you this week? Have you managed to keep up with Wonder? There is a lot of reading - I know, I keep saying it. I am a little behind with reading the book for you but I will do my best to catch up and get everything uploaded for you.


Well done to Jonelle for being the first person to email me a paragraph about Marcus Rashford. A prize will arrive in the post next week. Mr Newman showed his class the Marcus Rashford picture and they spent the morning completing some research and writing about him. I am so impressed with the way that Rashford used his influence for a great good - he stood up and made a noise and now the lives of thousands of children will be improved this summer. We can all make a difference ... when something seems not quite right, we can stand up and do something about it! We see this happening with the #Blacklivesmatter movement and with #metoo. 



The 18th Century philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote, 

"To see injustice and do nothing about that means to participate in it."


I wonder what injustice you see around you. I wonder what you will do about it.


Take time today to complete your work: make sure you read over the weekend to be ready for Monday's lesson.




If you have already completed your work for this week, have a go at one of these puzzles

Have you completed this week's Science? Did you check the Art lesson on Mark Rothko? How's your RE coming on?


Finally, take time to be still. Check our Prayer for the Day.

Have a peaceful weekend.


Thursday 18th June 2020

Hello Year 6.

Who is this man and how has he used his influence for a good cause?

Why is this particularly relevant at this time in history?

The first two Year 6 pupils to email me with a paragraph that answers this question will receive a prize in the post.

The first two pupils in Year 6 who are in school to write a paragraph that answers this question and then read it to me will also receive a prize.


You have a lot of reading to complete for Wonder this week. You may need to spend much of your lesson today reading or listening to me read to you. That's ok - enjoy reading and remember to make a note of important sayings (precepts) that are written into each chapter.







Find the Getting Ready for Secondary School page on our school website and go to the Readiness for Secondary School area. You can find it here: 

Look at the 'Can I' statements in the first column: which can you do? What do you need help with? Email me if you would help with any of these in the first column (e.g. can you accurately and confidently read the time on a clock face?)


If you are going to Valley Park School in September you should have received an email with some documents to support you and some activities to complete. Contact me if you haven't got these and I can send them on to you.


Have a good day. Remember to check out our Science, RE and Art for this week too. You know where to look! I'm looking forward to hearing from you all.

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Hello Year 6. How are you and how are you finding your learning? I hope that you able to access everything that I post here and that you are able to complete the work. You must let me know if the work is too hard or not interesting (sometimes work won't be interesting - that's just life, I'm afraid. But if, every day for a while, you are finding the work really uninspiring, then you must let me know and I will think of new ways to help you to engage in your learning). Additionally, if the work is very easy and you're completing it quickly, let me know too!


Check out the news. BBC Newsround has some really interesting articles at the moment - they're not afraid to tackle contentious issues [what does contentious mean, can anyone tell me?]. I challenge you today to send me an email to share a news story that you have read or watched. 





Transfer to Secondary School

Did you manage to download the Transferring to Secondary School booklet? Don't worry if you didn't as I am going to post everyone who is learning from home a copy. It should be with you within a week - let me know if you don't receive yours. In the meantime, check out our transition page for tips and support.

What else would you like to see in this section of the school website? How can make this better, more informative or user-friendly for you?




Check in on Wonder







I shall be adding some interesting activities and problem solving tasks to our maths section in the next few days ... watch this space!



You can find the latest Science lesson here. You seem to be reluctant to send me the Science that you have been completing at home ... be brave and share your work with me. I'd love to see how you are getting on.



Check out our unit on Islam. We're on Islam 2 but do have a look at the first term if you haven't completed that yet. 



You'll find lots of interesting ideas here - I'd really like you to complete the Feelings, Emotions and Art lessons - these will be useful with our Wonder work.


Have a really good day today. Enjoy your learning and enjoy spending time outside - make sure you exercise every day. And finally, how are your lock down diaries coming along?

Tuesday 16th June 2020

Hello Year 6 - yes, everyone in Year 6. Welcome to pupils in Herons to my Blog. Now that Mr Newman is in class every day with his bubble of 15 Year 6s, I am looking after the Year 6 Blog. 


Yesterday (Monday) was such a lovely day at ABC. It was a tremendous pleasure and delight to welcome back the Year 6 pupils who returned. I am in the blessed position not to have a bubble so I was able to say hello to everyone. I particularly enjoyed lunchtime on the field, catching up with everyone.


Scroll down a bit and you will see some of Jonelle and Klaudia's homework based on Wonder. This is very good work indeed and I am impressed with the quality of work that is being sent in. Thank you - do keep sending me the work that you complete at home.


You'll also see a link to The Week (Junior) newspaper which explains events in the world and the UK in easy to understand language. There's a good article about the #BlackLivesMatters protests in this country and in the USA. I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on what has been occurring across the world as a result of the untimely death of a black man who had been arrested by a white police officer.


Have you experienced racism? Have you witnessed racism? Share your real-life stories with me.


Find your next Wonder lesson here - there is a lot of work this week which is why I have posted just four lessons. Do let me know how you are getting on with these.





Transition to Secondary School

Click the eagle for tips to help you to prepare for secondary school. I would like you to download the Getting Ready to Transfer booklet and have a look at pages 1 - 5. Can you fill these in? Be honest about the things you are worried about - share these with me or others - you may be surprised to know that others are worried about the same thing.


I'd also like to encourage you to look at your new secondary school website (I have included links) - your new schools are keen to support you as you prepare to join them. Please take time today to do this - your friends in school will also be given time.

Jonelle's leaflet: Teacher Collins Syndrome

Klaudia's Wonder script


We now have online access:

Customer Number: Archbishop Courtenay

Voucher code: TWJ2254vwx 

Check out the latest news in child-friendly format - this is so interesting and I'm sure you'll enjoy spending time here.

Monday 15th June 2020

Good morning Year 6 - I'm back! I really wasn't expecting to be away for so long but I am fit and well and ready to go! Thank you to Miss Flisher and Mr Newman for keeping the ship sailing smoothly ...


I have been unable to check my emails in my absence so if you are waiting to hear from me, bear with me for a day while I catch up. I will respond to every email you have sent but it may take a little while. 


Today is a very exciting day for some of you as you will be returning to school. By now you'll know which bubble you will be working in and what time to arrive. You'll have received instructions on what to do and we will be there to guide you through the process. How exciting!


For those of you who will continue to work from home, I will be updating the blog every day, as before, you will be receiving the same lessons as those who are in school, broadly speaking. I'd like to hear from you every day.




Your spelling words this week


conscience   desperate   yacht    competition    explanation    pronunciation    profession


Reading and Writing

Here are this week's Wonder lessons: there is a lot of reading this week. I shall be recording and uploading each section but most of your homework time this week will be ensuring you are ready for the next lesson. It's such a good book that I am sure you will enjoy every page!


The lessons                            Listen here




Equations, values                 Decimals

and measures                (scroll to the bottom)



Check out the next Art lesson: all about Mark Rothko

This lesson will come in handy later in the week with Wonder work, so do have a look.

Tuesday 9th June 2020


Good morning Goldfinches!

It's Miss Flisher here again today. Mrs Evans is still a bit under the weather so I will be covering again. Well it's a nicer day than yesterday. Maybe you should email Mrs Evans to let her know what you are doing today - it might cheer her up! 


I must say I'm looking forward to seeing you next Monday when you are allowed back to school. It's a very quiet place without year 6's! We need you back to bring some sort of normality to school life; even with the social distancing, one way system and constant hand washing. I know Mrs Evans and Mr Newman are busy working on a booklet so you can see exactly what school looks like before you come back to reduce your anxieties as much as possible (it's normal to be anxious about that, I was).




Find your next lesson of Wonder by clicking the image. All the lessons are there so you can go back if you have missed any. 


Remember to look at your spelling rules for this week: words ending -cial and -tial such as 'special' and 'partial'. You can find resources to help you here.


Find all of the maths using the links below. 




Mr Newman has uploaded another fantastic science lesson all about living things. Complete it here!


I will say it again, hopefully Mrs Evans will be back tomorrow to continue her blog and I will see you next week. If not, I'll talk to you tomorrow!


Stay safe 


Miss Flisher



Monday 8th June 2020


Good morning Goldfinches and happy Monday. It's Miss Flisher here today as Mrs Evans can't get to her blog today. Hopefully, she will be back tomorrow.


I hope you've had a great weekend. The weather wasn't too great (and still isn't now) but it's nice to have a break from all the work you have been doing to just relax and rest your brain. That is just as important as exercise is for your body. 


Well done to all of those who completed the Kahoot quiz on Friday! Mr Webster was the staff winner and Ryan in Swallows won for the pupils! Well done them. 



This weeks lessons are up for Wonder. Don't complete them all at once! Focus on today's lesson and then move on to the Maths which is below. 


I have also recorded and will be uploading the next few chapters of 'Goodnight Mister Tim' by Michelle Magorian. Follow the link below to go straight to it. 



Have a look at the maths for your group. Mr Newman has kindly updated both of them! Also remember to visit Mathletics and TTRS. 




Have a look at the RE Mrs Evans has upload and complete the second lesson. 


Have a fabulous day today!


Miss Flisher



Friday 5th June 2020

Good morning Goldfinch class at the end of our first week in Term 6. How has the week been for you? It would be really useful to me of you sent me some feedback on your learning so that I can adjust, change or carry on! Are you enjoying Wonder? How is Maths working out for you? What about RE, Science and Art? Do let me know - I've said this before but I'll say it again - this is all very new for all of us and I'm learning about online learning too! 



Today I would like you to make sure you have completed all 3 Wonder lessons for this week: you'll see that I have uploaded next week's lessons: don't start those yet! Make sure you are up to date with the reading and the tasks. 






Make sure you have completed Week 1 learning in RE,  Art and Science.


Have you started to think about moving to secondary school yet? Take a look here: 



Have a marvellous weekend. I'll be contacting you all next week and look forward to speaking to you and your parents.

Thursday 4th June 2020

Hello Goldfinch class. How is your daily routine changing, I wonder? Have you been able to get out a bit more recently? Have you started to think about what school will be like when you return (for those of you who are returning)? Most of the adults are back at school now and it's lovely to see the place looking and sounding a little busier - though we are being extremely careful to keep social distancing rules. I've never washed my hands so many times or wiped the sides down quite so much! We are developing good habits ready to keep everyone safe when you come back.


I've just come across this great news website for children: 

It's an American website so some of the stories are based in the US and you might see some American spelling, but there are some really interesting articles on there. I'm particularly interested to read about the importance of 5th June: take a look to see what national day it is.


Yesterday, I set you a lot of work - did you manage to complete the grammar lesson, the research and complete your leaflet? I wonder if you need an extra day. In Lesson 3, there is lots of reading to do, so I am going to give you until Friday to complete the lesson. I don't want to overload you!


Here is Lesson 3                                       You can listen here





How confident do you feel using inverted commas for speech correctly? Do you always remember the 'new speaker / new line' rule? Here's some revision for you:



Revise ey, ay and eigh here:









Take a look at the first in a series of lessons about All Living Things which Mr Newman has planned for you. You'll enjoy this (you might need some sweets for the - perhaps you could tell your family at home that you'd like some sweets to help with your learning!)


Have a really good day today. Thank you (again) for keeping in touch with me and for sharing your work. 

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Hello Goldfinch class. Yesterday lots of you were very busy -  thank you for emailing me your work as I have asked you to. It's good to see how well you are getting on. If you haven't sent me anything yet, it's not too late, please do.


Mrs Bone has sent your parents a letter explaining when Year 6 will be coming back to school - if we are happy that it is safe to return, I'll be ready to welcome you back on Monday 15th June. I'll phone each of your parents next week and you'll also get information about returning such as what time, where you will be and what to bring. I'm very excited!


In the meantime, let's learn from home.




Grammar: let's look at some tenses work today. It's really important, when writing, to use the same tense throughout. Tenses tell us when, for example,

I ate the cake tells the reader that this has already happened in the past. Stories are usually written in the past tense.


I am eating the cake  tells the reader that this is happening now, in the present tense. Sometimes, diary entries are written in the present tense (if the reader is explaining how they are feeling). We often use the present tense when we talk to each other.


I am going to eat the cake tells the reader that this will happen in the future - the cake has not yet been eaten.


Have a look at this tenses lesson on BBC Bitesize. 

Reading and Writing

Here is  of Wonder.

You must have read or listened to the first section before you complete today's lesson or you'll be confused. This is the section that you read for lesson 1 (there is no new reading to complete today). You might just want to read it again anyway. You can find the text on lesson 1, or you can listen again here:

Today's task might take you a little longer than usual to complete. If this is the case, cut short other learning, skip a lesson or carry on tomorrow. 







Remember to check the RE page. Have you looked at the ART yet (do have a look - Emilia has completed her task for this week and I've posted her amazing work there for you to see).




Don't forget your homework!

Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Hello Goldfinch class. Did you have a good day yesterday? How was the home learning? Well done to everyone who emailed me their work and to everyone who completed their homework. Great start! If you didn't email me your work, please do that today. Take a look at the homework: you'll see that it's not onerous at all!




Spelling: this week, we're looking at ay, ey and eigh. Each makes the same phoneme but how do you know when to use each different lettering (grapheme)? Download this worksheet to help you to practise.


Our weekly spelling words:

attached  government  recommend  average  temperature  sufficiently  categorical  average

Write each word out and use a dictionary (online or paper) to find the definition. Write each definition in your own words, like this.


   Attached means that something is joined or connected.


Reading & Writing

Today we shall be starting our class reader, Wonder by R.J Palacio. I know that some of you have read it before but you will get lots of out the book study that I have planned for you. You're going to really enjoy this unit. I shall be recording the story too, so you can read along with me if you wish. You'll find the recording here:     and the first lesson here: 






This term, we are continuing to learn about Islam. Although I am a Christian, I find it really interesting to learn about other religions. When I was planning this term's work, I learned new facts about Islam. Click the image below: we're on Islam2 this term, but you'll see lots of resources and last term's learning here too.


Have a lovely day today. Enjoy your learning and don't forget to email me. 

Homework will be posted this afternoon - make sure you check!

Welcome back!

Still image for this video

Hello Goldfinch class and welcome back to Term 6 - your last term at primary school. Mrs Bone will be writing to you this week to let you know when we will be open for you to come back - once we are satisfied that it is safe for you (and us). In the meantime, enjoy your learning from home.


You'll see from our class newsletter this term that we'll be doing lots of interesting and useful activities to help you as you prepare to leave ABC and start secondary school. Check out our Transition section which has lots of useful tips (and which is being updated)



One change that you will notice from today is that I shall be setting homework every day. This is to hep you to get into good learning habits and so that it won't be such a shock to you when you start secondary school in September. Don't worry, it won't take long and you'll enjoy the tasks. You'll need to email your homework to me - don't bring it in - even if you are working from home! The homework will be loaded every afternoon.



Today I would like you to write. You can choose from a choice of 3 different story starters, then I would like you to put pen to paper (or hands to keyboard) and write a story. Let's see how creative you can be. Don't forget to use your Year 6 grammar and punctuation.



Through the howling winds and icy gales, I suddenly saw them. Tiny black dots against the distant snow-capped mountain tops. Why were they here? What did they want? How had they found me?


With the weather closing in, and night about to fall, the survivors needed to work urgently to create a shelter and some form of message that could be seen by those searching for them from above…


"Help me!” The words clearly emanated from behind the large iron fence surrounding the dilapidated, decaying hospital which had sat abandoned for over 30 years. “Help me!” Again, but with more urgency, they cut through the icy midnight darkness. A section of the barrier had been pulled away and a gap, just large enough to allow human entry, presented itself…   




Mr Newman will be updating your maths (even for my group) every day. You could always check back in to Mathletics or Times Tables Rock Stars to ease you back in gently.




We will focusing on feelings and emotions in art this term. This week's lesson is really important so do go and have a look. You may need a couple of afternoons (or a whole day) to complete the task. I think you're going to enjoy it!


The latest school quiz is ready for you to play. 

Enter the game pin 02320436 

Eva has written a Lockdown song

Still image for this video
I'm very proud to post this song that Eva has written as part of our English work this week. Well done!

Friday 22 May 2020

Hello Goldfinch class on the International day for Biological Diversity. This year, the theme is, 'Our solutions are in nature.' I wonder, what is biological diversity and where can you see evidence of it around you? Here's a challenge: send me some pictures of biological diversity within 20 metres of your home.


It's the end of term: what a very strange term it has been. No one could have predicted that we would spend all of this time away from school, locked inside our homes. For some of us, it has been a very difficult and stressful experience: for others, it has been pleasant. I expect that many of us have experienced a mixture of the two. I hope that you able been keeping your journals during this time. Have you been recording the range of emotions you have been experiencing, your thoughts and details of the things you have been doing? It's still not too late to start and if you haven't, it's essential that you do.




I have added a link in our Christian Distinctiveness tab to a wonderful 9-day prayer journey, or pilgrimage, which the Church of England has started today. It's called Novena. It's a lovely thing to do with your family, if you wish, and offers you time to be still, to be thankful, and to reflect. Why don't you have a look.


Harry's Art: Henry Moore sketches


Ask a member of your household to read out this week's spellings for you to write down. 

achieve   convenience   mischievous   ancient  

soldier   sufficient   variety   foreign  



Today is the final day of poetry and protest song writing. I can't wait to hear and read your creative writing. Here is the lesson:




It's the final Rose Blanche lesson today. I hope you have enjoyed the book thus far but I need to warn you that the ending may surprise you. 







Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning Goldfinch class - how are you today? Rumour has it that there will be a storm today - I love summer storms, especially looking out of an upstairs window at the [lightning or is it lightening?] streaking across Maidstone. Stay safe!


Did you listen to Somewhere Over the Rainbow yesterday (it's in a link that I sent you)? It was such a beautiful version of the song, I played it all day long! If you didn't listen, scroll down and have a look.


Now. I have something very exciting to share with you: do you remember a week of so ago Miss Sutherland emailed your parents to share details of an exciting singing project? Everyone was invited to join in and contribute to a whole school song. I am vey proud to say that we now have a finished song. You can watch it here: 



How is your poetry coming along this week? Boris shared his poem with me and I have posted it here (scroll down). Who is brave enough to send me their protest song? I'd love to read them and, if your parents permit, to see you perform them. Check the instructions for sending in videos, which I have included in the lesson.




Check the spelling of the following words: mischaevous  achiev  convenience  anceint  soldjier    sufficient  variaty  foreing   cheif   thief   lie  friend  quiat



Lesson 4 of the beautiful story, Rose Blanche, can be found here. I am enjoying this book very much indeed.




Mr Newman's Space science lesson can be found here.



I wonder how you have found History this week (if you've completed the lesson yet). The Holocaust is a very difficult subject to learn about but it's important to learn about events in the past and to learn from them. When you know about the Holocaust, you'll gain deeper understanding into Rose Blanche and also When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. 



Yesterday at school, Harry drew some amazing sketches in the style of Henry Moore. I must remember to ask him if I can take a picture and upload them because I was so proud to see them. Here's the link to the Henry Moore art lessons: 



Have you found out what a new moon is yet? Do send me your RE learning - I'd love to learn from your learning. Here's the lesson.

Boris has written a poem in the style of Brian Moses. Well done Boris! You have successfully used rhyme (which is really difficult to do well)

Wednesday 20th May 2020



Enjoy this short film for World Bee Day. You might also like the photographs that I took of some flowers in the school grounds yesterday - scroll down to find them.


I hope that you are enjoying this lovely weather - make sure you slap plenty of sunscreen on when you go outside and drink lots of water!


Enjoy this beautiful song, sung by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole



Have you written your poem with a repeating phrase? How did you manage finding rhyming words that made sense? It's much harder than it first seems! The second part of the poetry section is on protest songs, which I think you will be very good at writing! Enjoy the creative flow.



Extra challenge: can you write your own questions like these? Send them to me and I'll share with the class. Make you include your own answer sheet too.



Have you looked at the activities that Mr Newman has planned for you this week for Science? Choose one that interests you. I'll be honest with you, the first time that I taught Space in Year 6, I wasn't very excited at the prospect. I found, however, that the more I learned about Space, the Moon and the Sun, the planets and our incredible universe, the more I enjoyed teaching it. I'm still learning and I still love this topic! 



Have you looked at the RE page? We're learning about Islam. Ramadan is coming to an end and Muslims around the world will be looking forward to this coming weekend when they will celebrate Eid al-Fitr. Did you know, the Eid al-Fitr doesn't begin until the first sighting of the new moon in the sky. I wonder, what's a new moon?




       Mr Newman's group.                                                 My group



Our beautiful school today 19.05.20

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Hello Goldfinch class. Yesterday I telephoned every family in Year 6 to ask if you were planning to come back to school in June. It was lovely to speak to your parents - if I didn't speak with someone, I will attempt to call back this week - you could always ask your parent to call the school and advise us if you are planning to come back or not. I've already started to plan for next term, and whether you come to school or continue to learn from home, there'll be plenty to keep you interested and busy!


Miss Flisher emailed me to say that the school quiz last week was won by our very own Emilia K. Well done Emilia - I'm very proud that a Goldfinch member has led the way. Let's see if we can win this Friday, too.


Here is some more information and support for you on Mental Health Week: did you find yesterday's website useful?



Isn't Rose Blanche a fantastic book? The illustrations are amazing -  I could spend hours studying the detail. Today's lesson is a little longer than usual, and because of that, I am not putting a grammar or spelling lesson on. You could always practise this week's spellings if you feel like you're missing out!


                                                                 More chapters uploaded every day


English - Poetry

Yesterday I directed you to a series of poetry lessons to work through at your own pace: have you made a start yet? Have a look today to see how much more work you have to do this week and plan what you will do each day. I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on.




Mr Newman's group                                           My group


You could choose to spend time on Mathletics or TimesTablesRock Stars.


Remember that this week's History lesson is just one lesson - don't spend any longer on it. Have you noticed the link between this History lesson, Rose Blanche and When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit? 


Have a lovely day. Look after yourselves.

Monday 18th May 2020

Hello Goldfinch class. It's Monday of the last week of term - what an unusual and interesting term we have all had. I wonder how you are feeling. I would like everyone this week to email me to let me know how you are: if you send me some work that would be fantastic but the most important thing is that you get in touch. You could even do that now!



                                                                     Mental Health Awareness


I went for a walk on Sunday morning and came across a beautiful sight which I filmed - how lovely! Have you been going out a bit more often, now that lockdown restrictions have been eased a little. It's important to remember to stay alert and to keep your distance from others - even though it can be difficult.




This week, we shall be reading 'Rose Blanche' by Roberto Innocenti together. I hadn't heard of the book until Miss Flisher introduced me to it - it's a beautiful, poignant story, set in World War II, and I think you will enjoy the lessons.



There are new chapters of Judith Kerr's 'When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit' to listen to, too. Judith Kerr's story is based on her life and Anna, the character in the book, is Judith. She and her family left Germany the day before Hitler's Nazi Party were voted to run the country - they escaped the terrible atrocities that millions of Jews and other groups of people experienced under the hand of the Nazis. We'll be learning more about that in History.



We shall be learning about The Holocaust which is the name given to the murder of millions, yes millions, of Jews and other groups of people at the hand of the Nazis in World War II. It is important to learn about this event but I don't want you to spend a long time on this: check the lesson, read the information and choose an activity but please don't spend more than one lesson on this.



Here are your spelling words for this week - do you notice a pattern? 

achieve   convenience   mischievous   ancient  

soldier   sufficient   variety   foreign  

Write each word three times (neatly, of course) and ensure you know what each word means. Can you put each word into a sentence? If you're struggling to do this, email me: I'd be happy to help.



I am very excited about this week's writing: we're reading and writing poetry. As you know, I love poetry, but I know that sometimes it can be difficult to read, understand and write. I'm here to help you! I've chosen a fantastic poem by Brian Moses to get you started and at the end of the week you'll be writing and performing your own anti-war / protest / resistance songs. How exciting! I've put all of the lessons down: take a look and plan what you will do each day (this is a good opportunity to develop planning and timing, ready for secondary school).



Mr Newman has kindly planned another really interesting set of investigations for you to choose from: this week we're exploring space. There are lots of activities given - you need to choose one or two that interest you. The NASA website that is included in the lesson looks really fun - make sure you spend time playing and learning there!





 My group ( video and work for each level - start where you need to)


 Mr Newman's group



Check Mathletics and Time Tables Rock Stars, too - email me for login details if you need them



The ABC school Teachers' Pet quiz is ready. Click and enter the code 01976613

Friday 14th May 2020

No video today - technical hitches!


Hello Goldfinch class - I looked up today's date to see if it marks any significant event or birthday but I could find nothing at all. It's up to you, then, to ensure that today is important and valuable. Our Prayer for the Day today is all about celebrating creativity. Why don't you spend time being creative today. Check out the DT page here, browse other class pages for ideas or just pick up a pencil and paper and go with the creative flow.


Did you see Jonelle's diary entry which I posted yesterday? Scroll down to read it. I've also added Eva's air-raid instruction poster. I'm so proud of your work which I love receiving, thank you.



Lesson 5 of Piers Torday's 'The Last Wild'. Have you enjoyed this book? Do let me know.


I've uploaded another chapter of Judith Kerr's 'When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit', too.


How are you getting on with colons and semi-colons? Have a look at the questions below - do you think you can answer them? I f you are not sure, take another look at Thursday's blog and check the semi-colom Power Point again. You could check the Bitesize link, too. (You can download these questions as a document if it's easier - just scroll down).


  1. Write yes or no in the table below to indicate whether a semi-colon has been used correctly. 




Many people enjoy the outdoors; the fresh air is good for our health. 


Many people enjoy; the outdoors the fresh air is good for our health.


Many people enjoy the outdoors the fresh air; is good for our health. 



2. Use the clause provided to add another independent clause and write a sentence using a semi-colon. One has been

    done for you. 


Some footballers prefer to kick with their right foot.

Some footballers prefer to kick with their right foot; others believe their left foot is much more effective.  


a) Many animals use telepathy to communicate.


b) Several buildings have fallen into disrepair over time. 



3a) Write a sentence about a family trip to the zoo, which includes a semi-colon to separate two main clauses. 


3b) Write a sentence about a boat lost at sea, which includes a semi-colon to separate two main clauses. 




Eva emailed me her 'What to do in an air-raid' poster. What a good job - Eva has used the correct tone in instructing us what to do. I'm impressed with 'The enemy's purpose is to cause panic'. 

Complete your leaflet, poster or Power Point presentation today and email me a copy if you can. When you edit, check that you have included a range of punctuation (see the checklist on Thursday's blog) and relevant vocabulary. If you decide to write up neatly (did you notice I gave you the choice?), take pride and take care with your handwriting. I'm looking forward to reading your final pieces of work.






My group







Miss Flisher has some great links on her PE page - you might want to try them out.




Click to find out about a very exciting singing project that Miss Sutherland is leading.                                            I can't wait to join in!

Thursday 14th May 2020

Hello Goldfinch class - how are you? Yesterday your parents received a letter with a link to a survey included in it. If they haven't completed the survey yet, please can you ask them to answer the 4 questions today ? It will take a minute and will really help us as we plan for the next few months. Thank you.


Yesterday, the children who were in school made rockets which actually flew - it was great fun to watch them in the playground launching their aircraft. I wonder what household items they might have used to make them fly. How is your Science project coming along this week? Have you chosen the long route and included lots of research about flooding in Bangladesh, or have you chosen the shorter route and gone straight to the materials investigation part? Whichever option you have chosen, I am looking forward to seeing some of your work - have you found it interesting? It always amazes me to see people living on land that they know will flood, but as you may have found out, the benefits can be incredible because the soil is so nutritious .


Scroll down a little to see Jonelle's WWII Diary which she sent me this week. I think you'll agree that it's excellent! I love posting your writing here so please do keep sending it in!


Find lesson 4 here. It's a great opening extract, don't you think?



Yesterday, you practised using colons in your writing. If you need to keep practising, go back to yesterday's lesson and check the lesson again but if you're ready to move on to semicolons, read on!


  Watch this short clip two (or three) times which will help you begin to understand. 



Now work through the Power Point (or the pdf file - they are the same) and practise using the examples given. Can you add the missing semi colon from this sentence?


An Anderson Shelter will give maximum protection from falling bombs and debris you need to run straight to it when the air-raid siren sounds.



Did you complete your first draft of your information leaflet yesterday? (I hope you didn't just copy the example that I gave you!) Perhaps you decided to make a poster instead or create a Power Point presentation. Today, I'd like you to edit your work, using the success criteria below.



Evidence (prove it)

Included at least 4 different suggestions for what to do during an air-raid


Used relevant  language e.g. Blitz,  accommodate, shelter, blast, debris, explosion, black-out


Included different conjunctions e.g. because, which, as, though, however


Used a range of punctuation e.g.    ,  ?  !  -  (   ). :  ;


Read your work aloud and ensured it makes sense- You could read it to someone else.









My Maths group


JA's WWII Diary - with fantastic vocabulary. This has a wonderful 1940s feel to it - well done Jonelle!

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Click my glasses

Hello Goldfinch class. Goodness me, it's already Wednesday! Are you enjoying listening to When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr? I look forward to sitting down every afternoon to record the next two chapters. I really like the main character, Anna (who is based on Judith Kerr). I think she is very smart and curious yet also frightened of the war and unsure about her future. Her parents are fabulous characters and could be described as bohemian (find out what someone who is bohemian is like). I wonder if all of Anna's family survive the war ... click here to listen to the next instalment or to a different story: 



 You will enjoy lesson 3 today - you'll need lots of imagination. Take your time.



Write each of this week's words using spelling pyramids, like this:









When you have written each word, ask someone to read them aloud for you to write: I wonder how many you can spell correctly.


Practise the homophones that I gave you on Monday. You could check the websites that I posted before you check the spelling in each of these sentences:

  • I never know witch homophone to use.
  • "There going too fast in they're car," grumbled Dad.
  • When I got stuck with my maths, I asked my sister for advise.
  • I sat in the shade were it was nice and cool.


How confident do you feel using a colon in your writing? I'm sure you can use on at the start of a list but we can also use them to join clauses. You can improve your writing by including colons: it helps to read it through to see where you can them. Check the PowerPoint below: to begin with use one in a list and then include a colon in a sentence.

History / English

You have completed lots of research about air-raids and Anderson Shelters and you have also looked at information texts. I expect you are ready to start planning and writing your booklet. I have added a plan if you would like to use one. 

  • What are you going to tell your reader about air raids?
  • How many pieces of advise will you offer?
  • Could you include a slogan to help people remember what to do?


If you are struggling with the idea of producing a leaflet, why not present your information a poster, or a series of posters offering different suggestions and pieces of advice? It's up to you!


Today is your planning and first draft: you'll be editing and improving tomorrow.





Mr Newman's group - maths sheets for the White Rose activities can be found here:






My group, check the work that Mr Newman has prepared for you:




Alternatively, spend time on Mathletics  or Times Tables Rock Stars(email me for your login details)





Tuesday 11th May 2020

Hello Goldfinch class. There is lots of speculation (I wonder what that means - look it up) about what is going to happen in the next few weeks and months ahead. As I said yesterday, and as Mrs Bone said in her letter yesterday, we are doing everything possible to ensure that everyone will be safe when they return to school. Please be reassured. Until then, enjoy your home learning.



Are you reading at home - have you run out of books to read yet? I wonder if you have been using online books or other media to enjoy reading. I mentioned yesterday a website that offers free access to books - it's part our Accelerated Reader program - I'd be very interested to know what you think of it. If you haven't looked yet, click the image below: 


I have uploaded 3 new chapters - I'm really enjoying reading this to you but have you noticed that I find the German words really difficult to pronounce? 



Did you enjoy your work on Piers Torday's 'The Last Wild'? In today's lesson (lesson 2), you get to read the opening extract. I do hope you enjoy it.



Here are your words for this week (some are repeated from previous weeks):

cemetery convenience criticise excellent hindrance                                 necessary prejudice sacrifice 

Take a look at this Power Point which teaches you how to remember to spell these words but before you do, do you notice a common theme with each word listed here?


English / History

Did you find the information on air-raids and Anderson Shelters interesting? I'm fascinated by the way that people had to adjust their lives during World War II - imagine going out at night with no lights at all or taking shelter in a hole in the ground during a bombing raid. How terrifying! I wander what people will make of the precautions that we are having make during this season ... it's a very interesting period of history.


Today I would like you to look at the notes you made yesterday, reread the material you were given and to answer the questions at the end of What to do in an air-raid. I have provided an answer sheet for you to check.

I would then like you to read the information sheet, How do you survive an earthquake?.

(scroll to the end of the History page) I want you to notice the style and language used in an information text.


  • Is it formal or informal?
  • Think about the vocabulary used and the way the piece is ordered.
  • What does the first paragraph do to help the reader?
  • Underline the imperatives (commands)


You might like to research some other instructions for what to do in... to help you to understand the style of writing. This will ensure that you are ready to plan and start writing tomorrow.



Have you started yet? It's a great project!






Continue with the maths that Mr Newman set for you yesterday.



Mr Newman's group. If you have problems accessing the sheets that accompany the lesson, email Mr Newman for them


  My maths group

Monday 11th May 2020


Click my glasses for today's Vlog                                                       Click First News for positive-only news


Hello Goldfinch class - welcome to week 3 of term 5.  I hope you had a good weekend - what a scorcher Saturday turned out to be! Did you take part in any VE Day celebrations? I'd love to hear about them. The school Kahoot quiz on Friday afternoon was a great success, with 100 people taking part. The winner used the nickname up Rup Mok - I'm sure you can guess who that is. If you missed it, don't worry, we'll be posting another quiz this Friday afternoon. Thank you to Miss Flisher for organising that.


You may have heard in the news that plans are being made for Year 6 children to come back to school in June. At the moment, we're not sure exactly what the plans but but I'd to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure your safety. As soon as we are able to share any details with you, we will let you know. You might have lots of questions about coming back to school: please share your worries with me and email me.


Why don't you spend a moment in our Prayer for the Day section?


In any other year, you would have been taking your SATS this week but not this year. Perhaps you are very pleased about that. Perhaps you wanted to show what you could do. I found, online, some Silly SATS which I thought you might like to have a look at. The questions are meant to make you smile - they are not real! You'll find them here.



My maths group: Mr Newman, who is our school maths leader, has planned maths for both groups. Here is a message for my maths group:

If you are in Mrs Evans' group, I would like you to work on the 'Four operations problems' work, about halfway down the page. These problems will test your skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but please don't panic - start slowly and take your time. In some of the problems, you may have to use more than one of the operations, so make sure you read the question carefully. As ever, send me or Mrs Evans a message if you are stuck. Also, please feel free to have a go at the games and activities mentioned above.



Here is a message for Mr Newman's maths group:

All those in my group, continue to follow the White Rose scheme of learning. There are, in addition, some maths challenges and games on the class maths page. You will need to scroll down to near the bottom of the page until you find the tab 'Games and activities'. Don't be afraid to start with the easier ones just to get used to them.



This week, we shall be working from the opening extract of 'The Last Wild' by Piers Torday. Click on the image of the book for all 5 lessons (complete one each day this week). I read this book some time ago and had forgotten how good it is - I think you'll really enjoy the work I have set for you. I have also included a link to download and read the first chapter for free. If you enjoy it, I'd recommend trying to get hold of a copy.


Additionally, I have been sent details of more free books online, and this collection has lots of graphic novels which will appeal to many of you. 




English & History


Miss Flisher has shared a really interesting Power Point about Anderson Shelters and I have posted information on what to do in an air-raid. You'll also find a link to the Imperial War Museum to look at some of the posters that were issued to help people stay safe. There is a lot of information on this page and I don't want to overwhelm you: by the end of the week, you will have produced a leaflet advising people what to do in an air-raid. Today, your task is to read the information on Anderson Shelters and on air-raids and take some notes. Don't answer the questions on air-raids yet - just take notes and ensure you understand them. You might like to talk to an adult or a sibling about what you have learned today.



Let's continue to look at homophones this week. Here are some words that many people (including adults) sometimes get wrong: write each in a short sentence (or use more than one correctly in a sentence). Check the links to help you.


there their they're     were where we're      advise  advice     practise   practice      which  witch





Mr Newman has planned another fantastic Science lesson this week. Take a look - you can choose whether you want to spend all week working on this to produce a long report, or an afternoon testing materials and writing up your investigation. You get to choose the length of time you spend on this: if it's something that really inspires you, take control of your learning and see what can be done! If you're not so keen, keep the lesson short and select one of the activities. I would be very happy to help you if you're not sure what to do.


Finally, don't forget to check RE, Art & DT and PE.



Join in the whole school family quiz - just for fun. Click the link and enter the code 06648387 

You have until 6pm this evening to play.

Thursday 7th May 2020

Click for today's VLOG

Today is the last school day of the week - tomorrow is a bank holiday, hurrah! Last week I blogged about VE Day because I mistakenly got the date incorrect but I can definitely say with certainty that tomorrow, 8th May, is VE Day. Why don't you have a tea party at home to celebrate victory and freedom? We know from the books that we have been reading that World War II had a devastating effect on communities and families (did you know that 'When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit' is semi-biographical? This means that the author, Judith Kerr, based the story on her own life. Anna, the girl in the story, is really Judith.)

Miss Flisher has organised a whole school-family quiz for Friday - watch this space for more details. 


Have a lovely long weekend - no schoolwork tomorrow although you could spend the day being wonderfully creative. Scroll down the page today: there's plenty here to keep you busy.



Listen to me reading 'When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit' by Judith Kerr or 'Goodnight Mister Tom' by Michelle Magorian being read by Miss Flisher. I've put other stories here, too.




Homophones today: watch the video and listen to each sentence - pause after each one to write it down, ensuring you spell the homophone correctly. Check for punctuation, too. The answers are revealed at the end.

 Click here for the video



I expect you have completed your diary entries from the point of view of an Evacuee. Check back to the lesson and ensure you have included everything, before using your Year 6 writing mat to edit. Pay particular attention to parenthesis and conjunctions. When you are happy with your work, please email me a copy (you can take a photograph and email it to me or you scan it or send me a Word document). 



Today's reading lesson is the last one on Peepo! and is a little longer than yesterday's. Don't worry if you don't complete it all today (you can always finish it next week - I will give you time). Did you enjoy the book and the comprehension skills you were using? I'd love to have your feed back on this.



             Mr Newman's maths group                            My maths group





I have updated everyone's profile on                                        It's good to see that you are using TTRS.

Mathletics so log on and see what you                                     Keep up the great work!

can do!



Have you completed the Science investigation this week? Do send your work to me (photos, reports, diagrams, explanations etc)



 How's the creativity? 



Have you checked the RE section of our class page? Maybe you have some questions about Islam that you'd like to ask some of your friends - why don't you send a question to me and I can post it?


Have a marvellous weekend!




Shafiullah's WWII work on Evacuation

Boris' work on Goodnight Mister Tom - what a fantastic picture!

Wednesday 6th May 2020




Hello Goldfinch class - how are you? I'm very excited to show you a fantastic Art Project which has been set up by the Turner Contemporary Gallery (a famous art gallery in Margate). Each week, an artist will show you how to complete a piece of art from home. This week, you could make incredible masks. I've added a link to our DT page or you can click this picture:


Have you checked our Prayer for the Day page lately? There are very short and simple Power Points which lead you in quiet reflection (thinking) and prayer. Sometimes you'll find an activity or a link to a Bible story or song. Go on, go and have a look!


I've also recorded two more chapters of 'When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit' by Judith Kerr and Miss Flisher has also added another chapter to her story, 'Goodnight Mister Tom'. 




Each of these spellings has been written down incorrectly. Rewrite each of them, ensuring you check the spelling is correct. You could scroll down to Monday to check the correct spelling, or look at work you have completed with these to check. I wonder how many you can correct without looking the word up ...

commitee   enviroment   immidiate   pursuade   sinceare   cemetary

embaras   identidy   parliment   signiture



Check the GPaS section to revise conjunctions if you need to, then complete these four challenges.





Your reading task today is based on the children's book 'Peepo!' by Janet and Allen Ahlberg. You will need to use your knowledge about World War II in addition to your comprehension skills to answer the questions. I think you will really enjoy this unusual reading task.




Today is Day 3 of writing your diary extracts from the point of view of an evacuee in World War II. I wonder how you are getting on? Are you including parenthesis (brackets, dashes and commas) within your writing? What about including a range of interesting conjunctions?


If you would like to send me a paragraph or two for some feed back, email me and I will help you to see what is going well and how you can improve.



Mr Newman's maths group.              My maths group



Email me for your login details if you need them

Klaudia's thoughtful reading comprehension

Tuesday 5th May 2020

 Today's vlog




You might want to remind yourself how to use parenthesis to add information to a sentence before completing the Testbase questions at the bottom of the page. Click the star above.



A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in spelling and / or meaning.      (homo = same     phone = a sound)

piece  peace  through  threw  wait  weight  flower  flier  higher  hire

Are you able to explain what each pair of homophones mean? Can you think of any other homophones? Are there any homophones that you find difficult to spell correctly (common mistakes include which / witch and there / their). I wonder if you can think of any rules to help you.



The second Goodnight Mister Tom reading lesson can be found here.



Continue with your History / Diary lesson. How are you getting on? Any problems? 



Mr Newman's group


 My group, continue to work through the multiplication and division activities


      Email me if you have forgotten your login details




Don't forget to check our weekly timetable for Art, RE and PE this week, too.


Monday 4th May 2020

Today is a very special day in my household - my children will be celebrating by watching Star Wars films (after completing their home learning, of course). I wonder if you love Star Wars as much as my children do! Click on the image for some fun Star Wars themed activities to complete today.


 Click my glasses for today's video message



Today's reading lesson uses 'Goodnight Mr Tom' by Michelle Magorian.  Remember, you may have watched the film but the questions relate to the text.     In addition, you might want to listen to our new class text, 'When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit' by Judith Kerr. You'll love this book!




Spellings: write and say each word. Do you know what each word means? Use a dictionary to check if you are unsure, then write a sentence for each word.


committee   environment   immediate   persuade   sincere   cemetery embarrass   identity   parliament   signature




Spend 15 minutes reminding yourself how to use parenthesis effectively in your sentences. Don't worry if you can't remember, I've put a 'remind me' section on too. If all else fails, click the picture below. I promise that I will never, ever sing a song like this to you!




Miss Flisher has planned some really exciting World War 2 writing for us this week. You'll be writing diary entries, imagining that you are an evacuee but first you'll need to do some research. Click the icon below for your History / Writing lesson. (Please note, this should take about 3 days to complete - I don't expect you to complete the diary in one day!)




You will love what Mr Newman has planned for you this week for Science: 



Mr Newman's maths group



My maths group

Start at the beginning. Watch the videos to help you. If it's too easy, move on. If it's too difficult, email me for help. Complete 20 minutes, then take a break, then come back and complete 30 minutes. You've got this!



Eva's Blitz artwork - fantastic shading to show dark and light

Friday 1st May 2020

Click my glasses for today's VLOG

Shafiullah's been researching World War II

Emilia's Evacuee Story

Eva's Evacuee Story

Farouk's letter from Davey to Mum

Well done Farouk - it's great to see the work you have been completing at home. Keep up the good work!

Thursday 30th April 2020

Hello Goldfinch class  - here's my video message for you:

As I mention in the message, today is VE Day. You can find out about it here:


English Reading & Writing

Click here for our reading and writing session today. As you have completed your Evacuation stories, I thought that I would set something completely different for you. 




Mr Newman's group


Mrs Evans' group

This is the final day of multiplying and dividing by 0, 1, 10 and 100. Select a star and work through the Power Point and activities.










Wednesday 29th April 2020

Hello Goldfinches - how are you today. This morning I have recorded my Blog message for you - click my glasses to view.


I had the most wonderful opportunity yesterday to speak to some of your parents - if I didn't speak to your family yesterday, I will call tomorrow when I am back in school. I had such a lovely time chatting to your parents that I forgot about the time and before I knew it, the school was being closed for the day and I had to stop. 


Secondary School

Please complete this short survey about moving to secondary school - this will help us to know how best to help you: click the image



Today is the last day of Friend or Foe. I hope you've enjoyed it - don't forget to write review of the story.



Your writing lesson today includes spelling, editing revision and then editing the story you wrote yesterday. I'm looking forward to seeing these when you email them to me. If you don't have a computer at home, you could take a photo of your work and email it via a smart phone or film yourself reading your work to me and emailing it (if you choose that, please ask you parents to let me know if I have permission to publish pictures and films of you on the website).



Mr Newman's group



My group: continue to develop multiplying and dividing by 0, 1, 10, 100 and itself. Select one or two stars to work on today. 




Why not enter this competition? It could be your lasting legacy at Archbishop Courtenay Primary School!


Tuesday 28th April 2020

Hello Goldfinch class - how are you today? Did you hear the rain in the night? While it was still dark, the sound of the rain hitting the leaves on the trees outside and falling to the ground woke me up. It was a lovely, gentle sound of the earth quenching its thirst in the middle of the night. By the end of the day today, I am sure that the trees and plants around me will be greener, taller and stronger as they are watered by the rain. Rain is good. Why don't you go out in the rain today, enjoy the feeling of the water on your face and maybe even splash in a few puddles!



I'd like to recommend that you watch Newsround today - there are lots of stories that are not about COVID-19 as well as up-to-date news about the virus. 


At 11 o'clock this morning, there will be a minute's silence to remember the NHS workers who have sadly died while working to keep the population safe. I wonder if you would like to join in.




Chapter 7 of Friend or Foe


Miss Flisher has started Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian. Click here to listen.



Here is your second Evacuation Story writing lesson



Mr Newman's group



My maths group: multiplying and dividing by 0, 1, 10 and 100. Select an activity - make sure that you have to think hard to find the answer - don't just choose the easy sections!


 Everyone - spend 10 - 20 minutes practising your times tables


Check out Klaudia's Anderson Shelter DT project (click the photo)

Monday 27th April 2020

Hello Goldfinch Class. Welcome back to Home-Learning in week 2 of Term 5. I'm feeling a little chilly this morning and I've noticed that my weather app is suggesting that there might be rain this week. It hasn't rained properly in Kent for a long time and I am sure that farmers and gardeners would welcome a good drenching but I am definitively a fair-weather person. I hope you manage to get to play and exercise outside this week, whatever the weather.


Have you seen the weekly timetable that I posted on Friday? This is to help you to plan your home learning and I do hope that you find it useful.



We are now up to Chapter 6 of Friend or Foe. You can access your reading lesson here:


We are going to write a story based on Chapter 1 of the book: your first lesson, including some spelling practise, is here:

Mr Newman's maths group



Mrs Evans' maths group:  today I would like you practise multiplication. Spend 20 minutes on Times Tables Rock Star (email me for login details if you have forgotten) and then I'd like you to watch the BBC Bitesize clip on how to multiply and divide and by 0, 1, 10 and 100. I've added a link to some activities to help you to practise this skill.







This week we are learning about The Blitz. You'll find the next lesson in the History section of our class page or you can click here:







Rhiannon has been working hard ... here's some of her history work

Week 2 Timetable (week beginning 27th April 2020)

Friday 24th April 2020

Hello Goldfinch class - we have reached the end of Week 1! Well done. I am so pleased to have heard from some of you, to see some of the work that you are doing and to have been able to help you too. Thank you for getting in touch - I would love to hear from all of you, even if just to say, "Hello!"


I am enjoying reading a chapter of Friend or Foe every day - as I read, I imagine you all sitting in the classroom listening. Some of you will be doodling in your jotter, some of you placing your head on your arms and closing your eyes to listen whilst others will be following along in the book.


Next week, Miss Flisher will be recording a story too, and I will continue with Friend or Foe so you really will be spoilt for choice! 



Here is your English reading and writing for today - I think you will really enjoy the writing task that I have set and I am looking forward to seeing how you get on with this.




Have you logged on lately?




 Mr Newman's group



Mrs Evans' group: some reasoning questions for you. You might find it helpful to talk through the first few slides with an adult, ensuring you understand the vocabulary used. Work up to slide 30 (it sounds a lot but most of these are explaining what to do)

Let me know how you get on.


Can you spot a raw egg from a cooked one?

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Hello Goldfinch class. It as been lovely to hear from lots of you this week and to receive emails with examples of your fantastic home learning. Thank you. 



I would like you to read (or listen to) Chapter 4 of Friend or Foe and complete the reading and writing activities - you can find them here: 



Mr Newman's group, please follow the White Rose Home Learning Scheme  


My group, complete one more day of revising subtraction - click the dominoes. How are you getting on with exchanging? If you're having difficulty, email me and I will help you. There are additional links further down the blog which will take you to BBC Bitesize and also the National Academy website.




Thank you to those of you who emailed asking me to explain the Art task this week. I will update the plans on the relevant page - please do check those today. If you were in class and you were still unsure, you would raise your hand. You can do this by emailing me instead!


Have a lovely day today: I'll leave you with some examples of work.

Mrs Evans



Klaudia has been very busy completing reading activities this week:



Eva also emailed me some of her work



I'm so impressed with this poster that Eva sent me - thank you for completing very thorough research, Eva.Causes of WW2 - Eva

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Hello Goldfinch class - I wonder how you are today. This week, I am hoping to email you, and for those of who  for whom I don't have an email address, I have asked Mrs Freed to send you a text. Are you well? How are you coping? Is there anything that I can do to help you with your well-being and your home learning?



Are you enjoying our new class book? Do let me know how you are finding the work that I am setting for you. Click on the book cover to go your reading and writing activity for today.



Mr Newman's group, please check the White Rose home learning activities for Year 6: 


My group, check the subtraction activities that I have posted - you might want to remind yourself how to subtract using exchanging.





Have you checked the Art section here? Look at the plan and start learning about Henry Moore - I think you will enjoy this! Remember, artists always go back to improve their work - you mustn't expect to get this right first time. Do send me your art works-in-progress.



Tuesday 21st April 2020

Hello Goldfinch class. It's another beautiful day today. I wonder how you are - do email me and let me know your news. Talking of news, do you ever watch the news at home? Sometimes it seems as if all I hear and read about is COVID-19 and it seems too much, so I make sure that I only watch the news once a day. You could watch BBC Newsround to keep informed about what is going on in the world.


We recommend that you spend about 3 hours a day on your home learning, making sure you have plenty of breaks and drink lots of water to keep you hydrated. Here are some suggestions for your learning today:



I have uploaded the next chapter of Friend or Foe with a reading and a writing lesson to go with it. For the reading, you'll need to download a lesson on Understanding Words in Context: I've listed instructions so you'll have no problem finding what to do.

Are you enjoying the book so far?



If you normally have maths with Mr Newman, please check the White Rose Home Learning website and complete the work on angles If you need help, email me.


If you normally have maths with me, I would like you look at the new BBC Bitesize learning platform and work on addition and subtraction When you have completed this, go to the maths section of the Goldfinch class page and download some activities to check your understanding. You'll find some work here:



I would like to you to begin your investigation into World War II. I will add some information about the courses of World War II (or WWII for short) and the dates. Check the WWII section of our class webpage for some questions to answer and websites to help you answer these questions.


Have a lovely day,

Mrs Evans

Monday 20th April 2020


Welcome back to Home-Learning in Term 5! I hope you are well and looking after yourselves - social distancing is very hard when the sun is shining and the outside seems to call to us. Well done and thank you for keeping everyone safe by staying indoors. Thank you also to everyone who has contacted me by email - it's lovely to hear from you and great to see the work you are doing at home.


Monday learning tasks:


I have added a new section to our learning page: World War II. If you click on this and then click on Friend or Foe, you will see reading and writing tasks for today.



Please check the White Rose Home Learning page 

If this is too difficult, contact me and ask for help or check the Year 5 section (a lot of Year 6 Maths is revision of Year 5 skills).


I will be sending out a weekly learning timetable later in the week which I hope will help you as you structure your home-learning.


You may have heard on the news that the BBC is launching an online learning program: I haven't yet had the chance to look at it but I have heard that it's going to be very good. I'd like to challenge you to find something really interesting or useful and share it with me - I can then post it here.


Another new learning platform is which also launches today. Please have a look and tell me what you think. I'll also be exploring this website today to see how we can all work together.


Happy Easter!

In preparation for our new topic, World War II, next term, I would like you to build an Anderson Shelter. Read about the shelters in the document above and then complete the design booklet. You could complete the booklet electronically and send me a copy of your completed project (with photos) or you could scan or take photos of the booklet and email to me.

Enjoy the project! I can't wait to see your finished shelters.

Eva's been keeping very busy! I'm so impressed.

Friday 3rd April 2020


Hello Goldfinches,

We've reached the end of our second week of home-learning. It's all so unprecedented but I hope that you are managing and adjusting to our new way of learning and living. (Unprecedented? Look it up using a dictionary (online or book) and then send me an email using the word in a sentence)



Today is the last day of working on your persuasive leaflets: please email me completed work (either as a Word document, Power Point, pdf or scan or photo of your written work). Are you still writing your journals? Perhaps you have been procrastinating (Look it up! Email me with a definition). Remember, your journals are important pieces of historical evidence which one day, people may use to understand what life was like for children during the Covid-19 outbreak.



You can find your maths for today here: As ever, do email me if you are unsure what to do or need some help. I am updating the Maths section of our class page every day, too. Is there something you would like to see on the Maths section? Email me and let me know - I'm here to support you however I can.



Did you complete any activities in the Extreme Weather pack? I'd love to see how you got on - don't worry if you haven't had a chance to complete anything yet - there's always today to make a start.


The next two weeks are our official Easter holiday. I won't be updating this page during those two weeks, but I will be emailing everyone personally (if we have your email address) with an Easter challenge and to see if there is anything that we can do to support you. 


Look after yourselves,

Mrs Evans



Thursday 2nd April 2020


Hello Goldfinches,


Did you spot the April fool error in yesterday’s entry? Email me to tell me what I got wrong - click on the Contact Mrs Evans spiral next to the Blog spiral.


Yesterday, Mrs Renjish and  I made beautiful, giant flowers with the children who came in to school - there’s a photograph of them on the Gallery page of our website. The Prayer for the Day  for our school was about the story of Jesus telling the crowds not to worry. He told them to look at the flowers which were beautiful and healthy. Then he reminded the people that they were more important to him that flowers, so they should trust that he would always provide for them. What a lovely story! I wonder if you are worried. Take a moment to find the Prayer for the Day section on our website and pray.


I expect you have nearly finished your persuasive writing task for this week: how have you found that? Which country did you write about? Do send me your finished work.


Your Maths today is here: Remember you can email me with questions if you are unsure. I’ve also been adding lots of resources to the Maths section in our class webpage - do have a look. I suggest you remind yourself about addition and subtraction - I have uploaded some fun challenges to get stuck into.


Don’t forget to send me a picture of your completed Puzzle of the Day - there's a new challenge every day. 


I hope you are all well,

Mrs Evans

Wednesday 1st April 2020 
Hello Goldfinch class,
Today it is April Fool’s Day, when people traditionally play tricks on each before midday. Has anyone played a trick on you today?
April Fools Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years - a famous author named Mr Chaucer wrote about it in a book, The Canterbury Tales, which was published in 1392 - that’s the fourteenth century. How many years ago was that?
It’s not just England that celebrates: in France the day is known as Poisson d'Avril, which translates to April Fish. How silly!
The Spanish celebrate the day, which they name Dia de los huevos, by throwing eggs at each other in the street.
Every year, the newspapers publish story that are not true in an attempt to trick the public. These include stories that a square dartboard was going to be used in national championships, that the clock faces on Big Ben would be replaced with a digital clock and that a new 50p piece would be made which had a poo emoji on it. All tricks of course but some people were fooled. Why don’t you check the news today and see if you can spot the fake news?
I wonder, who can you trick today? 
(I have included one piece of false information in this report so far: have you spotted it? Prize for the first person to email me with the false information.)
Please continue with your persuasive writing today - I wonder if you are ready to write up your leaflet or if you are still researching. I’m looking forward to seeing / reading your finished work.
Please log on to White Rose for your maths lesson . Remember, you can check other year groups if you need to revise anything , you can check the maths pages on this site and you can always email me with any questions that you may have. I have added a Puzzle for the Day section, too - go and have a look!
How is your Science Extreme Weather work coming on? Have you managed to complete any experiments yet? What have you learned that you didn’t know before?
Keep in touch. Stay safe,
Mrs Evans

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Hello Goldfinch class,

A chilly start to the day today! As I went for my run this morning, I was aware of the birds twittering and tweeting around me. The lack of cars on the roads really makes a difference to the sounds I can hear when I am outside. It got me thinking, what else has changed when I go outside? Fewer cars, more aware of birds singing, fewer planes, I even noticed a fox in a neighbour's garden yesterday. I wonder, what would you like to stay the same, what do you miss? You could write about this in your journal.


Please continue working through the persuasive writing activity that I have posted on our Home Learning section. How are you finding it? Do let me know.


Check out today's White Rose maths lesson here: If you need help, do email me and ask. You could always check a different year group to revise previous learning. There's lots on our maths page, too.


Did you make a start on yesterday's Science - Extreme Weather pack? There are lots of activities to complete - do send me your photos.

Monday 30th March 2020


Hello Goldfinch class,

Did you have a good weekend? What lovely weather we had on Saturday - did you see the hail on Sunday? I thought I saw a few snowflakes at one point in the afternoon. It got me thinking about extreme weather and I found a fantastic Science project for us all to complete that teaches us about the weather. You'll find it here: Make a start today and let me know how you get on.



This week, I have planned a series of lessons for you to complete some research and produce a persuasive leaflet. There are 8 sections to complete - you might want to complete two or three sections on some days, or just one section on other days. It's up to you how you plan your time. You'll find it in the Home Learning section: click English and then click the Persuasive Leaflet star and read the instructions first.



For your maths this week, I would like you to continue logging on to White Rose: this week we are learning about scale factors (Week 2, Year 6). You might want to go back to Week 1, lesson 5 as a recap.


In addition, I have loaded more learning activities in the Maths section of our Home Learning page: do have a look. There are some great reasoning activities to work through.


Remember to send me your photos, work and questions that you might have. I'm here to help and support you.

Have a good week,

Mrs Evans

We'd like to know how you are getting on with your home learning and how you are. Please ask your adult to follow the link  and complete the 2-minute survey:  

(If you click on the link and it doesn't take you to the survey, please copy and paste it to your address bar)


Hello Goldfinch class,


We've reached the end of our first week of home-learning. I imagine you have a new routine at home which includes learning, play and some sort of activity in the home, too.


I found a fantastic clip on YouTube last night of an incredible invention. Here it is:


Your challenge for today and over the weekend is to plan, design and build an invention to help you in the home. Include lots of detail, make lots of notes and think about how one action will trigger another, just like the YouTube clip. Draw the invention and use your imagination.


Here is some more maths for you: we're on day 4 of ratio. If it's too difficult, email me and ask for help. You can also email me if you'd like a greater challenge. 


Remember that the journals you are keeping are pieces of history! In twenty, fifty and even a hundred years from now, children will learn about these extraordinary times. Do check the English home-learning icon on our class webpage for writing checklists to ensure your writing includes fantastic grammar, spelling and punctuation.


Look after yourselves,

Mrs Evans

Hello Goldfinch class,


Day 4 of Home Learning. The sun is shining again and the trees are bursting with blossom. On my way to work today I caught the scent of some delightful flowers, heard the beautiful song of birds celebrating spring and felt the warmth of the sun on my face juxtaposed with the fresh, cold morning air. Juxtaposed? Look it up and use it in an email to me!


Did you complete the butterfly science challenge that I set yesterday? Do send me your findings.


Today's challenges:

  1. Check back in on and complete the third lesson on ratio. If you're stuck, get in touch with me and ask for help. You could always look at a different year group to get into the swing of things!
  2. Write a book review for the last book you read. Include the title and author and give a brief synopsis (summarise the story) but don't give away the ending. Describe the main character and say if you like them or not, giving reasons why. Suggest who might enjoy the book and why. Finally, say what you're going to read next. You could even ask an adult to log in to Amazon for you and help you to post the review (after you have emailed it to me).
  3. Keep working through your home learning packs and check the learning sections on the class page, too - I've just added a link to a singing project which looks really fun!


Today's Prayer for the Day is the Lord's Prayer (with song and actions). Why don't you spend a few moments in peace and reflection? See the link below.


Mrs Evans



Hello Goldfinches,


Day 3: I wonder how you are. Yesterday, on my way home from school, I thought to myself, 'It's a beautiful day and I am enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face but goodness, I'd much rather be teaching my class!' I miss you all very much. I hope you are well.


Science challenge: I took a photograph of a butterfly in my garden yesterday.

  • Can you identify the species and name it?
  • How would you classify it?
  • What does its caterpillar look like?
  • What was the butterfly doing when I took the photo?
  • How has the butterfly helped the plant in its life-cycle?
  • What other scientific questions could you ask (and answer)?
  • Sketch or paint an accurate picture of the butterfly.

There is lots to help you with this here, in fact, there is enough here to keep you busy all week! 


May I also suggest you log on to White Rose and watch the second of the ratio clips


Have a good day today. I have added today's Prayer for the Day - do enjoy a moment of peace and reflection. 

Keep in touch - use the contact form below!

Mrs Evans



Hello Goldfinches,


Day 2 of Home Learning: how are you today? With the most recent update from the Prime Minister, telling everyone to stay indoors, I wonder if this has changed how you feel? Click on the link below for a Bible story and moment to reflect and pray. 


I hope that your learning packs are interesting and useful to you - remember that you can email me to ask for help or to send me examples of your learning. How are your daily journals coming on? I would love to read some of your work and to find out about the things you are getting up to.


Task for today: log on to David Walliams' website and enjoy listening to a story. His website has lots of activities to complete, too.


Here's a link some excellent teaching on ratio: I'd recommend you find some time to watch the video and have a go at the questions When you're feeling confident, why don't you set me a mathematical challenge?


Stay safe indoors,

From Mrs Evans

Hello Goldfinches,

This is Day 1 of your home learning - I wonder how you are getting on? Did you know that are offering free audio books, and you can also read and listen to books at ? 

We are busy sorting out lots of activities for you to complete and I would be really interested to know how you are getting on.


Goldfinch Email

You can email me on - I'd love to hear from you; you can send work, entries for the blog or questions about your home learning. I'll check emails Monday-Friday between 0900 and 1100.


Look after yourselves, from Mrs Evans

Hello Goldfinches,

What a strange time it is for us all! Do keep checking in to this page to download activities and games to   keep you occupied for as long as this strange time takes to blow over.


Look after yourselves. READ !

Mrs Evans