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Good morning Key Stage One! It is the last week of term this week so we will be presenting everything we have learned about dinosaurs so far. Have a wonderful week!


Let's start with our wake up shake up. Click on the picture below to do our BBC Supermovers 'Fit and Healthy'





This week we'd like you to practice your curly caterpillar letter formation for at least 5 minutes every day.  Make sure you are starting and ending at the correct points on each letter.

Today we'd like you to practice the letter 'a'.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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We're exploring poetry this week so today we'd like you to read this poem and look closely at the illustration, then discuss it with your adult.  Use the question prompts below to help you.

What is this poem about?

What do you like about it? Or dislike?

Have you ever been wet through in really heavy rain? What was it like? How did it make you feel?
Look at the short phrases that Shirley Hughes has used in the words.

How do these make you feel when they are read out?

Now, look at the colours that Shirley Hughes has used in the illustrations. What colours, shades and tones can you see? Why do you think she has chosen these?
How do the poem and the illustrations make you feel about the wet weather?

How would your voice sound when you feel this way? How might you read the poem aloud, to capture this feeling?

Task: Practice reading the poem out loud in different ways. You could do this together with someone else to try out different ideas. When you  have found a way you like best, have a go at performing it to someone else. You could ask your adult to video you performing the poem and share it in your Notebook folder on MS Teams.

Year 1 Maths

Today we are going to continue working with numbers up to 50. Today we will be refreshing our memories and looking at one more and one less.

Warm up

Year 1 - One more one less

Year 2 Maths

Today we are continuing our 'Statistics' topic. We are going to be drawing pictograms using multiples of 2, 5 and 10. Use the teaching slides below to help you.

Warm up


Today we are learning about what makes us who we are and why we are unique. Today in Teams we discussed what our strengths are and what makes us unique. We would like you to use the video below to create an 'all about me' hand.