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Have a look below for some more great home-learning! 

Aisha has been enjoying her garden and writing about it, Michal made a fruit salad and wrote his recipe down for us and Paula also wrote a recipe for a salad. Well done for  working so hard! 

Below, Is some more home-learning I have to share with you! 

Albie, Michal and Aisha have been investigating 3D shapes and finding shapes around their homes! Oliver and Paula have been making Mini-beast hotels! 

Well done, you are all superstars! 

A big Happy Birthday to Paula and Oliver! Wow you're 5, and so grown up!  

Have a look at some of the fantastic work below. Sienna, Oliver, Aisha and Paula have created some amazing wildlife posters! Well done, super work! 

Yesterday, We set you a challenge to match capacities. Have a look below at the fantastic work that these children have been doing. 

Albie used cous-cous to fill his containers and wrote labels for each one.

Jan used pasta to fill his containers and wrote labels for each one. 

Oliver used water to fill his containers and wrote some instructions on how to make a water xylophone (incorporating our music lesson from Friday). 

Sienna used soil to fill her containers, she also planted some seeds to go alongside our 'In the garden' topic for this term. 

Aisha used pebbles to fill her containers and completed the capacity sheet form the home-learning pack. 

Paula used rice to fill her containers and made labels to match the correct amounts. 

Michal used pasta to fill his containers and made labels to match the correct amounts. 


Super home-learning again guys! Keep up the great work. 

On Friday, Mrs Eades set the children a challenge to make their own musical instruments using items that could be found at home. Take a look below at the things that Oliver and Albie made over the weekend! Well Done boys! 


Here is some more home learning to share with you. Sienna has been practising her handwriting, Paula has been practising her ball skills and Michal has made a Lego boat. 

Well Done Jays! 


Yesterday, We asked the children to investigate the question 'What do plants need to grow?'. We asked you to have a look at the flowers and plants around your home and garden and to draw a picture and label it. 


Have a look at the wonderful work i received from Paula, Michal, Oliver and Aisha. 

Well done! 





Here is some more great home-learning I would like to share from Oliver, Paula, Aisha and Michal.

We asked the children to create a picture of their perfect garden, along with a description.

Check out their efforts below. Well Done guys!





Yesterday, we gave you the challenge to order the days of the week. Have a look below at the fantastic home-learning photos I received from Paula, Michal, Aisha, Maisie, Leonis and Oliver.

You all ordered the days of the week fantastically! Well Done.


Remember if you have any home-learning that you would like to share with me, send me an email at





Hello Jays!


Today I wanted to share with you some amazing home-learning from over the weekend.

Leonis has been working really hard, practising his handwriting! Well Done Leonis! 



Dear Parents, 

Please take a moment to fill out this survey. We would like to know how you are getting on and if we can support you in anyway. It will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Many Thanks, 


Miss Sutherland




On Monday we set a challenge to draw a picture of a garden. Paula and Sienna have created some beautiful pictures that I wanted to share with you all. 

Have a look at them below. 

Well Done Girls! 





Yesterday, the challenge was to order numbers from 1-20. Paula and Aisha did some amazing number ordering. Have a look at the pictures! Well done ladies. 





Hello Jays!

I wanted to share some fantastic home learning with you. Yesterday, we set a challenge to make some binoculars and to go outside to look for wildlife! Paula, Aisha, Michal and Oliver made some super binoculars and sent me some pictures of themselves using them! Well Done!

Paula and Oliver also wrote me a list of their favourite vegetables to go alongside our story for the term, 'Oliver's Vegetables'. Super home-learning guys! 



Yesterday, the children were set a challenge on Tapestry to create their own pet poster.

Maisie and Paula decided to write their posters about cats. Have a look at their amazing work!

Keep an eye out for today's challenge too! 

Well done girls! 


Also, today Oliver and Aisha made some beautiful Easter pictures! Well done and Happy Easter!



Hey Jays!

Today I wanted to share some of the home learning Jan has been doing. He has been getting active with Joe Wicks's daily workout, making rainbow pictures to keep spirits lifted, going for walks and looking for signs of  Spring and testing materials to see if they float or sink. 

Fantastic home learning Jan! Now it's time for a well-deserved rest! 

Well Done :) 


Good Morning Jays! 

As we get ready to begin our Easter half term break I wondered if you could have a go at some Easter themed art and craft activities. Here are some ideas to get you started. 


Have fun and I can't wait to see what you have created! 


Miss Sutherland 

31/03/2020 Hello Jays! Today I thought you might like to have a go at this 'My favourite activity' sheet. You could use your computer to write it or print it out. I would love to hear all about what you have been getting up to so please send me your work to


Happy Monday Jays! 

This week I would like you to have a go at some of the exercises that are being delivered by Fire Fighter Fit Kids. You could even get your families to join in too! Just follow the link below and enter the Username and Password.



Usernames FFK1

Password HealthyHomes


Have Fun! 

Miss Sutherland



Dear Jays, 


We'd like to know how you are getting on with your home learning and how you are. Please ask your adult to follow the link  and complete the 2-minute survey:  
(If you click on the link and it doesn't take you to the survey, please copy and paste it to your address bar)

Thank You, 


Miss Sutherland

Virtual Zoo Day! Chester Zoo are opening their 'virtual gates' today you can visit at After, you might like to write me some information about the animals you saw or tell me which is your favourite and why? You could draw, paint or make me a model of your favourite animal. Or, you could role-play being a zoo keeper! (maybe you could use some of your toys!) Have fun and remember to send any pictures to



Hello Jays (Parents and Families)

Here is some information for the parents and families of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage that you might like to take a look at.

It's called 'How should parents approach the EYFS at home?'


I hope it can be of some use to you. 


Miss Sutherland



Good Afternoon Jays,


You might like to have a look at this website today 

It has lots and lots of fun indoor activities for you to try! Remember to keep updating me with how you are getting on via Tapestry or remember you can always email me at


Have Fun!


Miss Sutherland 


Hello Jays, 

Every day you can listen to Elevenses with the world of  David Walliams'. They are daily short stories, with each being released at 11.00am. Visit his website for activities, clips, books and more.


Today the story is called 'Trish the Troll' I wonder if you could draw me a picture of what you think Trish looks like? Send them to me at then i can put some on our blog page to show off your wonderful work! 


Don't forget to keep checking the blog for daily updates and take a look on Tapestry for some fun activities and stories by Miss Sutherland and Mrs Eades. 


Stay safe and keep smiling! :) 



Last week in maths we were learning about taking away, remember when we take away the numbers get smaller and the symbol for taking away is -

Can you think of any other words for taking away?

I also found this game online, can you fill in the missing numbers remember you can use any objects at home to help you with your taking away. Eades